The Ultimate Travel Guide To Maldives On Budget

Hello readers, sorry for delaying this post since requested in September.  Now is ready here my ultimate travel guide to Maldives: the budget-friendly way. I have received a lot of questions regarding my Maldives trip and how it is possible to travel Maldives with budget? It’s possible and all the things you need to know will be summarised in this post. 

This is going to be one lengthy post. I've cut out a lot of blah blah, so bear with me.

Dr.Douxi Yolk Replenishing Eggshell Soap 朵璽 蛋黃修護卵殼皂 Review

Nicole Cynnie | Dr.Douxi Yolk Replenishing Eggshell Soap Review
Hi readers, how was everyone’s holiday? I just got back from Seoul 5 days ago and it was freezing cold especially when the strong wind blew across my face. My skin became extra dry and flaky after being in the winter for a week. Been slapping all the lotions and moisturizers onto my face to bring back the healthy dewy skin.

If you’re currently suffering from sensitive, dry and/or combination skin, I wanted to introduce to you this awesome product that I received from It’s the Dr.Douxi Yolk Replenishing Eggshell Soap.