A Walk Down Memory Lane of 2016

Two weeks of 2017 have gone, how's everyone doing? 
I've been really busy right after my trip to Taiwan in December last year. Work have been piling up gradually day by day, but it was manageable. 

2016 was a year filled with experiences and freedom. I entered another chapter of my life—work life and I get to travel to many places. 

As always, I'm going to jot down the highlights of my 2016 in this post. 


I finally got home from studies, started my working life and there's not much of updates in January so I'm gonna skip it.


#1 Celebrating CNY in KL
5-15 February: It's been years since I celebrate CNY with my maternal relatives, all of my grandmother's grandkids took pictures together. My brother is the only grandson she has, imagine he has to deal with 9 female cousins? 

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#2 Visiting Cameron Highland
10-12 February: I get to also visit Cameron Highland for the first time with the brother, boyfriend and his family.


#3 Visiting Tawau
16-18 March: After CNY, I have been busy with work again. The only exciting thing happened in March was my first outstation to Tawau, Sabah. It was a short 3D2N work trip, didn't get to explore Tawau properly hence no pictures. 


#4 Getting Nail Sponsorship
22 April: Getting a nail sponsorship is one of my ultimate blogging goals tho is was not a long-term sponsorship but just getting one did make me feel very overwhelmed. 


#5 Convocation
28 May: Thanks to myself, my boyfriend, my uni mates, my relatives, the boyfriend's family and also my family for the love and support. I finally graduated from Taylor's University! 


#6 Celebrating Our 1000th Day Together
11-12 June: After convocation, I've been busy with work again. The only exciting thing happened in June was the boyfriend came to Kota Kinabalu to visit me for the first time alone. Tho it was a short 3D2N trip, but seeing him makes me feel a lot better. LDR sucks. 


Nothing exciting really happened in July. My daily routine was work, eat, exercise, drama, repeat. 


#7 Coco Visiting Vet
12 August: Got home to find out Coco had been vomiting and pooped blood, it was past six and all vet was closed. Got so worried that I could not sleep the entire night, sent her to the vet the very next day to find out that she has been eating sand and cements from the backyard. No worries, she was okay.

#9 Meeting Aiden 
28 August: Met Baby Aiden for the first time after going to yoga with Joyce while he was still unborn.


Nicole Cynnie | Sand Bank, Maldives 4
#10 Visiting Maldives
8-13 September: It was our first overseas trip together. Visiting Iuthi and Thol since we could not attend their wedding ceremony. Our trip with them is full of laughters.
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#11 Visiting Bangkok & Khao Yai, Thailand
16-20 September: Our Second overseas trip together with the boyfriend's group of friends. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary together in Thailand, it was one memorable one.


Nothing exciting really happened in October. After a good long vacation, I resume my daily routine.


#12 Visiting Penang
13-15 November: Again, visiting Penang for the first time with the boyfriend's group of friends. It was a short 3D2N trip but half of the group got sick including the boyfriend and I, so we basically stayed in our AirBnB place the entire trip. 


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#13 Visiting Taiwan
14-20 December: Visiting Taiwan for the first time with the family. Covered Taipei and Taichung!

My 2016 was filled with lots of vacations, I'm very grateful for being able to visit a lot of cities and countries in a year and I hope I could do so too in 2017. 2016 was a year that I finally become adult (but not fully adult yet). I got to earn money, and I got to travel. It was a great, fun year. 

I know this could be a little late, but better late than never, I wish everyone of you a Happy 2017!