Travel Diary Maldives Day 04: Visiting Hulhumalé, Kaafu Atoll, Maldives

On Day 04, we visited Hulhumalé Island and celebrated Eid Al-Adha with Iuthi's family.  

Leaving Maafushi Island

Nicole Cynnie | Visiting Hulhumale Maldives 5
Nicole Cynnie | Visiting Hulhumale Maldives 7
Nicole Cynnie | Visiting Hulhumale Maldives 1
We woke up pretty early that day, took our breakfast that was provided by the hotel, and left we go—to the island harbour. Took speedboat back to Malé City. 

It was the Eid al-Adha holiday (11 September 2016) and how Maldivian celebrates this Muslim festive? They disguise themselves with food-colouring water. They do not usually do it in the city—only on the islands. 

Maldivian government had disclosed to the public that throwing water colours in the city is prohibited. We did not worried about getting splashed but luck was not with us, a gang of Mat Rempit aimed us while we were walking back to Iuthi's place from the harbour. We were covered in red and what made me frustrated was that I was holding my Blue Label Crestbridge Check Bucket Bag. I was a little fortunate in this unfortunate situation was that the bag I carried is in red, not much damage occurred as I managed to vanished some of the colourings stains. 

We cleaned up ourself while Iuthi prepared us authentic Maldivian lunch. Chilled after lunch and played PS4. After that, headed out to the harbour again for our ferry ride to Hulhumalé Island. While queuing to get on board, another water colouring attack happened out of no where. We were centimetre close to getting stained again.  

Visiting Hulhumalé Island

Nicole Cynnie | Visiting Hulhumale Maldives 2
Nicole Cynnie | Visiting Hulhumale Maldives 3
Arrived Hulhumalé Island safely, we did not did much—just walking around, exploring the island. We happened to came to a street where both side of the road was filled with trees. We spent some time here taking pictures, risking our life running in the middle of the road. Took hundreds of pictures but this is the best picture I can get with less tourist in the background. 

We took Maldivian hi-tea in a random restaurant and then took sunset ferry ride back to Malé City. We ended our night pretty early as we had been having adventurous activity the days before.

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