Travel Diary Maldives Day 02: Water Sports Activities in Maafushi Island

On day 02, we spent most of the day playing water sports, cycling around the island and visiting the local shops. It started raining in the afternoon, so we hid inside the hotel and played Monopoly Deal. At night, we had candlelight BBQ dinner just next to our hotel.

Maafushi_Calm Sea
After having our hotel breakfast, we walked over to the north side of the island for water sports activity. After comparing prices, we booked sailing, jetski and knee boarding from Actives Watersports Maafushi, and parasailing from Maafushi Dive & Watersports


Maafushi_D2 3
Maafushi_D2 2
Maafushi_Sailing 2

Knee Boarding

Maafushi_Knee Boarding 3
Maafushi_Knee Boarding 2
Maafushi_Knee Boarding 1
Maafushi_Knee Boarding
Maafushi_Knee Boarding 4
Maafushi_D2 4

Exploring Maafushi Island

Maafushi_Sun Set
After morning activities, we walked back to our hotel to take a shower and changed into comfortable clothing. We were ravenous by the time we were done, so we walked to the café nearby to have our lunch. Always remember that you can never have meal in a Maldivian restaurant when you're hungry, by the time the food reach your table, you're almost starve to death. We quickly demolished our lunch and headed to the nearest convenient store to get ourself some snacks and Maldivian ice-cream. 

As we were walking back to our hotel with ice-cream dripping all over my hands, the sky began to darken into gravel-grey. I quicken my pace as the clouds began to coming my way. In less than few minutes, droplets of rain began to drip from the leaves. I shouted and everyone started running. As we got ourself covered, the rainfall became intense. Hotel staffs pulled the roller shutter down to block strong wind and heavy rain. We got no where to go, so we played Monopoly Deal hoping to see out the shower as we had already booked our parasailing activity in the late afternoon. 

Eventually, the noise lessened and the drops faded. The sun came out again, casting beams of light across the sea. We cheered and at the same time worried that our parasailing got cancelled. Thol called the sports center, but Fortuna did not gave us luck. The parasailing was postponed to the next day. 

The hotel staffs open up the roller shutter door, and it was sunset time. We walked out from our hotel, watching the sunset with awe as it got eaten up by the ocean at the horizon. When the sky turned dark, we walked to the hotel next door to have our candlelight BBQ buffet by the sea. After that, we went back to our respective room and called it a day. 

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