Our 1000th Day

Please watch it in HD

At 5:34 (in the video) was recorded last Saturday. The boyfriend came to my hometown last weekend to celebrate our early 1000th day together. After picking up the boyfriend at the airport, we headed downtown to have our brunch. There he showed me the video he made as a gift for our 1000th day together. I cried the first minute watching the video as many memories was played back and we had made a lot of happy memories together. It was such a thoughtful gift and I am very touched.

Today is our official 1000th day together though we do not get to physically celebrate it today but we did spent the last weekend together. It was the boyfriend's second visit to Kota Kinabalu and we visited a few places that we couldn't visit during his first visit. We spent most of our time at home and we got to watch horror movie, The Conjuring 2, at the cinema for the first time together.

Our time together was short but I am beyond grateful that he made his time to come visit me and spend his weekend with me. Can't wait till September for our first and second vacation overseas! Being in a long distance relationship sucks but distance means so little when someone means so much. We are in distance but never in heart.

Happy 1000th day together darling, know that I love you so. Distance will only be the reason we love harder.