Taylor's University | Convocation May 2016

Officially graduated as a Quantity Surveyor. Officially joined the Taylor's University alumni. Been waiting for this day for 3.5 years and I finally made it. Uncountable datelines, sleepless nights and stressful days were the struggles I faced as an undergraduate student. Now that I am done, I am proud and thrilled. The journey was dreadful yet marvellous. It was bitter sweet.

Our 1000th Day

Please watch it in HD

At 5:34 (in the video) was recorded last Saturday. The boyfriend came to my hometown last weekend to celebrate our early 1000th day together. After picking up the boyfriend at the airport, we headed downtown to have our brunch. There he showed me the video he made as a gift for our 1000th day together. I cried the first minute watching the video as many memories was played back and we had made a lot of happy memories together. It was such a thoughtful gift and I am very touched.