How to Style: 3 Bodycon Dress to Style at Work

As a fresh graduate and that I have started my working life, I really do have a hard time when it comes to choosing my work wear. My job requires me to always go out and meet clients so, I do not want to look too "formal/office" but to look professional as well. Every women knows that looking good is what makes them feel confident. Dressing up in the morning before going to work can be a very stressful five-day event. Not only time consuming that matters but thinking of what and which to match can be exhausting and energy draining especially when you are in a rush. 

As I am a definite lazy person, I always opt for a quick one-piece outfit that will always make myself look stunning and professional at times. Therefore, bodycon dresses are definitely the perfect choice. Bodycon dress is designed to hug your silhouette and it also brings out your sophisticated appearance which makes you appear more mature and effortlessly chic. 

Check out the three bodycon dress designs that will be the perfect addition to own in your wardrobe at home.

Style #1 Sophisticated Black

If you aim to maintain a sophisticate yet professional appearance that will get you respect at the office, the classic black bodycon dress will do. Black will always reveal a sense of maturity and power of a woman in the office. Match it with a nice pair of stiletto heels and luxury handbag for the complete formal attire. Top your look with a dramatic red lipstick and feel that boost of confidence.

Style #2 Clean White
Bodycon Dress 2

Meanwhile, if you want to remain classy and elegant, the clean white bodycon dress will absolutely make you stand out. Refine your elegance and lady boss appearance at the office by flaunting the white bodycon dress with style. You can easily match any design of shoes or jewelleries with the dress without ever worrying you look of style. Throw on any accessory when you are in a rush and step in the workplace looking gorgeous as ever.

Style #3 Pretty Pastel
Bodycon Dress 3

Women who are looking to portray a more feminine side of them to others while appearing approachable at work should wear light tone dresses such as pretty pastels. Whether pink, beige, turquoise, tiffany blue or lavender, the pastel bodycon dresses will be perfect to flaunt your sweetness to others.


Embrace your curve, layer it stylishly.When in doubt, go with heels!

With 3 bodycon dress to style at work, I am sure dressing up in the morning before going to work can be more positive and less stressful. Hope you guys find this helpful! You can get your hands on different bodycon dress designs on Zalora Malaysia Site at 15% off using the code:


FTC: This post was written in collaboration with Zalora Malaysia