Beauty Review: NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Giveaway)

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

Hi guys  

I've seen a few Hong Kong YouTubers shared their love for jelly snacks that made out of collagen. I went thru most pharmacy outlet in Malaysia looking for one, but I found none. Surprisingly, NutraChoice sent me a month supply of collagen jelly last month! Let me share with you my recent favourite snack, NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

CollASTA Jelly stick is made with Collactive and AstaREAL Astaxanthin. CollASTA Jelly is a revolutionary and innovative beauty food in the form of jelly. It is specially designed for Asians who are high in sun expose and UV damage. Just look at Malaysia's weather. These free radicals are the main cause for pre-mature raging, pigmentation, loss of elasticity and many other skin problems.  

The jelly contains 8 miracles ingredients in it. There are:-

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

Collactive (Marine Collagen)
❣ Increase skin moisture
❣ Increase skin firmness❣ Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

AstaREAL Astaxanthin
❣ Improvement of oil control
❣ Internal sun block for UV protection
❣ Decrease age spot and skin pigmentation

Seaweed (Sea Bird Nest)
❣ Rich in finer and minerals that are especially good for skin health

Royal Jelly
❣ Increase in moisture content of the skin, thus gives smoothness to the skin

Pine Bark Exract
❣ It binds to and protect collagen from degradation, therefor keeps skin tight and smooth

Acerola Extract and Citrus Bioflavonoids
❣ Natural Vitamin C and antioxidants to inhibit production of melanin, giving lighter skin tone

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

I experience visible changes after consuming CollASTA Jelly for a month. I usually have hormonal acnes (a lot) during my PMS, after having one month of CollASTA Jelly, my hormonal acne reduced. I see less oil produced on my face and I am very happy to see that. Tho, one month is not enough to see huge different, but I am already liking this product. 

Consume one jelly stick before meal to enhance your appetite. This is because the taste of this jelly is light sweet and sour, like a mixture of fruit juices, works great as an appetiser. Tho the jelly is made of fish, but it doesn't taste any fishy. 

One jelly stick is 20g. It is handy, light and is easy to consume anywhere and anytime. Bonus when you're travelling. 

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)
1. Is it safe to consume during menstrual?

Yes, it is safe during menstrual (except pregnant). 

2. Is it halal?

Yes, the product is halal. It only contains fish collagen. 

3. What is the recommended dosage?

Take 1-2 sticks daily.

4. When to consume?


5. Where can I get it?

6. How many jelly sticks are there in a box?

There are 10 jelly sticks (20g) in each box.

NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)

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NutraChoice CollASTA Jelly (Review & Giveaway)


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