How to Customise Mac's Folder Icon With Any Image

Nicole Cynnie | How to Customize Mac's Folder Icon With Any Image

After I tweeted about replacing my folder icons into any image I want, friends been asking me about how did I do that. It's hard to show them without seeing them face to face so I'll summarise it in this post. Easy quick tips.

Before I start, here's what my folders look like.

Nicole Cynnie | Mac's Folder Icon With Any Image

Doesn't it looks cute? It's easier to find the folder you wanted by changing the image.

Now, let me show you how to do it step by step.

STEP 1: Create a new folder

Nicole Cynnie | Create A New Folder

Nicole Cynnie | Create A New Folder

STEP 2: Open your desired picture and copy

Nicole Cynnie | Open Your Desired Image

Search any icon or any image you desired from the internet, best use picture format in png. Open the image you desired, select the image like above. Press "command + c". 

STEP 3: Get info and paste

Nicole Cynnie | Get Info

Right click on the folder you created in Step 1. and select "Get Info". or press "command + I".

Nicole Cynnie | Get Info

A new window will pop up as shown in picture above. click on the folder icon I circled squared in pink and press "command + v" (paste). Close the window. 

STEP 4: Rename

Nicole Cynnie | Rename

Rename the folder and wallah, there you have it. 

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