So... What Camera do You Use?

Nicole Cynnie - Exilim TR35, GoPro Hero 4, Lumix GF3

Exilim TR35
(Lifestyle, Selfie)

I got this around November 2014 with my own savings. The boyfriend has been telling me that this camera does not worth the price but hell yeah nothing gonna stop me. My mom did disapprove me when I told her I wanted to own one, but after telling her the reason why I wanted it, she approved! 

TR35 is popular for its Beauty cam also known as the Make-up Mode. It is my favourite when comes to selfie. 

GoPro Hero 4
(Sport, Adventure, Travel)

The boyfriend bought this for me (us) as our valentine gift. Both of us are gadget-kinda person, so we have been eyeing on getting an Action Camera for quite some time since we love travelling and hope to have one before we started to go for our own adventure. We have been debating on getting Sony Action Cam or GoPro Hero 4. The reason why we chose GoPro is because it is more popular in the Adventure/Action world. Ever since we own it, we shot quite a lot of video and posted up on our YouTube channel. 

Lumix GF3
(Blog, Landscape, Travel)

My mom bought me this in early 2012 during my Chinese New Year Hong Kong Trip. It was having Valentine's offer and I got Lumix GF3 in a cheaper price. Since I have been talking about getting a Lumix GF1 till Lumix GF5 (the latest Lumix GF series back then), my mom finally got me a GF3. Most of my travelling photo are taken from Lumix GF3 as well as most of the blog post pictures.

Lumix GF3 is a mirrorless camera which function like a DSLR in a lighter, smaller size. This is great for travelling cause it does not take much space and light too. The picture quality is good too and psst... even Xiaxue is using one before she changed to Sony. but anyway, no regrets in getting it.