K-Style TV

Last week, I have been caught up with a Korean TV show on KBS, K-Style - Me, Myself, Mirene, on Astro.  I just happened to switch on the tv on one fine Friday night to pass time and then the next thing I know, I have already fallen deeply in love with this tv show.

Here's three reason why I love it.
  • It's all about Korea.
  • It's all about beauty, fashion, fitness, travel and food.
  • One of the host, Irene Kim is so beautiful.
This is one of the episode of K-Style Season 3. Just sharing and you're welcome.

Irene is so pretty, I didn't know her until I saw her in K-Style. One of the K-Style episode had mention that she has an instagram account, @ireneisgood. The stalker side of me directly lighten up, found her instagram and then found her personal youtube account, +ireneisbeauty

One of my favourites?

당신은 가장 환영합니다
and yes, you are truly welcome.