Girl's Generation's Tiffany 532 Leg Workout

If you ask me which part of my body that is hard to slim down, I would definately say the inner thighs. I have a thing with long, slim legs. (Especially K-Idol's) I've always wondered how did they achieve many women's ideal legs? 

Nicole Cynnie | Girl's Generation's Tiffany 532 Workout
source: Google Image

not until I watched K-Style TV (my post here). 

Tiffany is said to have the most sexiest leg in Korea. and how to achieve it? Her method is the 532 leg workout.  "5:3:2 are the ratios that make the legs look the most beautiful" said Tiffany's trainer. Tiffany's leg ratio is 50:32:20 where 50 is the thigh, 32 the calf and 20 the ankle. 

All thanks to K-Style again, we shall all have beautiful sexy, long and slim legs.