Casio TR35 : Make-up Mode

The make-up mode in TR35 is the function I used the most, now that I have revealed that most of my pictures were taken by this camera, hence my skin look more vibrant and smooth. Soft like baby skin. 

Sorry guys for cheating. 

I invest a lot on camera because I want to snap every moment of my life into pictures. I want to record every adventure, no matter it's up or down. Of course, I wanna look good in those pictures as well. you know how I feel. 

Long story short, let's head into my review. 

There are (1) Natural and (2) Brightening effect in Make-up Mode. Both of which smoothen out your skin looking like zero pores baby skin. The difference is the skin tone. 

Nicole Cynnie | Casio TR35 Natural Make-up Mode Review
Natural Make-up Mode

"Shooting in this mode gives skin a lighter tone and smoother texture, imparting a healthy, vibrant look." - Casio

With Natural effect, your skin looks more healthy and natural. I think this would look good when you're on a vacay by the beach. All you want to look by the beach is the healthy glow. I might want to try the effect on my next trip to island. 

You can set the intensity of the Natural effect mode in 12 level. Because I am now suffering from congested skin, the Natural Level 9 suited me the most. It evens out my skin quite well, and do note that I did not apply any make up here. 

It does a really good job!

Brightening Make-up Mode

"Use this mode to brighter and smooth the skin further" - Casio

With Brightening effect, my skin look fairer and more radiant. I like it tho. Brightening Level 6 is more acceptable for me, more than that makes me look fake. what do you think?

There are 12 level of intensity to the Brightening effect too. One thing about this effect is, it vanishes my eyebrow. I need to layer a lot of eye brow powder just so I look good in the picture. But in reality, I will look like 蜡笔小新.

Other than that, I am impressed with the overall Make-up Mode.