Blogging Milestone #1

I'm so excited and so happy to announce that my blog has a domain! 

I've always wanted to get a domain for myself since I have been blogging since I was fourteen but I told myself that I will only get one after I earn my first cash out from Nuffnang. As I was reading blogs to pass my time, LoveLumi was removed and turn into a domain website. I think she bought her domain there. They were having a promotion to get a domain, and I thought I could afford it so why not get it for a year and see what can I do a year later. 

and now let me announce that

is launched! 

My dream has came true and I'm so excited that I've reached one of my blogging milestone. Hooray! Talking about blogging milestone, why not I list some of my blogging milestone and also blogging goal that I wanted to achieve?

Some of my blogging milestone up to now.

#1 My first subscriber (January 2015)

I got my first subscriber last month, I don't know when was the exact date cause I didn't get any notification from blogger. I just saw it when I logged into my blogger account.

#2 First visitor from search 

Guess my most search on my blog was my My Morning Korean Skincare RoutineGlad that I'm doing something right, who knows the search visitor was my first subscriber that stick around here.

#3 My first sponsorship

I got my first sponsor review from Organo Gold. (link here)

#4 Getting first ads from Nuffnang

read more here

#5 Getting a domain (February 2015)

Not going to talk about this gain. 

so what's the goal I wanted to achieve here?

1. Hitting 20 unique visitors in a day
2. My first comment 
3. My first reader email 
4. Getting first cash out from Nuffnang
5. Getting 10 subcribers