Casio TR35 : Make-up Mode

The make-up mode in TR35 is the function I used the most, now that I have revealed that most of my pictures were taken by this camera, hence my skin look more vibrant and smooth. Soft like baby skin. 

Sorry guys for cheating. 

I invest a lot on camera because I want to snap every moment of my life into pictures. I want to record every adventure, no matter it's up or down. Of course, I wanna look good in those pictures as well. you know how I feel. 

Long story short, let's head into my review. 

There are (1) Natural and (2) Brightening effect in Make-up Mode. Both of which smoothen out your skin looking like zero pores baby skin. The difference is the skin tone. 

Girl's Generation's Tiffany 532 Leg Workout

If you ask me which part of my body that is hard to slim down, I would definately say the inner thighs. I have a thing with long, slim legs. (Especially K-Idol's) I've always wondered how did they achieve many women's ideal legs? 

Nicole Cynnie | Girl's Generation's Tiffany 532 Workout
source: Google Image

not until I watched K-Style TV (my post here). 

K-Style TV

Last week, I have been caught up with a Korean TV show on KBS, K-Style - Me, Myself, Mirene, on Astro.  I just happened to switch on the tv on one fine Friday night to pass time and then the next thing I know, I have already fallen deeply in love with this tv show.

Here's three reason why I love it.
  • It's all about Korea.
  • It's all about beauty, fashion, fitness, travel and food.
  • One of the host, Irene Kim is so beautiful.
This is one of the episode of K-Style Season 3. Just sharing and you're welcome.

January Recap (In Pictures)

La Vie, City Mall: Valentine's Inspired Gel Nail

I was having dilemma on getting a CNY themed or Valentine's themed nail. I didn't like the colour red on my nail cause it makes my hand looks dull so I chose something soft and pastel this CNY. I was searching thru pinterest, weheartit and instagram for nail art ideas. I came across an instagram account, @catsnail, a korean nail arts account. 

Nicole Cynnie | Cat's Nail Valentine's Inspiried
picture credits:

I love their design, very unique and very ulzzang.  After scrolling the pictures for hours, I finally found something that I like. Snapshot it and asked my manicurist to do it for me. This time I chose La Vie in City Mall to do my gel polish on my nails. The manicurist did a great job on my nails and I am totally enjoying myself during the process. 

Their service is way better than 1930's Professional because they really took care of your hands and delicately clean your nails. Unlike 1930's, they are a bit rough. In La Vie, they really treat you like a VIP, and they smile very often that you won't feel stress there. Thumbs up for a great service. 


The cost of this gelish nail art cost RM100. I am totally satisfied with the amount I paid. 

La Vie
Unit No. M-1-1, First Floor,
City Mall, Kota Kinabalu.

Blogging Milestone #1

I'm so excited and so happy to announce that my blog has a domain! 

I've always wanted to get a domain for myself since I have been blogging since I was fourteen but I told myself that I will only get one after I earn my first cash out from Nuffnang. As I was reading blogs to pass my time, LoveLumi was removed and turn into a domain website. I think she bought her domain there. They were having a promotion to get a domain, and I thought I could afford it so why not get it for a year and see what can I do a year later. 

and now let me announce that

is launched! 

My dream has came true and I'm so excited that I've reached one of my blogging milestone. Hooray! Talking about blogging milestone, why not I list some of my blogging milestone and also blogging goal that I wanted to achieve?

Some of my blogging milestone up to now.

#1 My first subscriber (January 2015)

I got my first subscriber last month, I don't know when was the exact date cause I didn't get any notification from blogger. I just saw it when I logged into my blogger account.

#2 First visitor from search 

Guess my most search on my blog was my My Morning Korean Skincare RoutineGlad that I'm doing something right, who knows the search visitor was my first subscriber that stick around here.

#3 My first sponsorship

I got my first sponsor review from Organo Gold. (link here)

#4 Getting first ads from Nuffnang

read more here

#5 Getting a domain (February 2015)

Not going to talk about this gain. 

so what's the goal I wanted to achieve here?

1. Hitting 20 unique visitors in a day
2. My first comment 
3. My first reader email 
4. Getting first cash out from Nuffnang
5. Getting 10 subcribers

Beauty Review : FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

I've always believe that the beauty on the outside always come from the inside. Other than daily skincare routine, our inner health is important for beauty skin too. Collagen drink is quite popular nowadays, and I know many of you have heard how good a collagen can help with your skin. 

I've taken FINE Hyaluronic & Collagen drink for almost 3 months now, and believe me, I've never regretted having this every morning. 

Nicole Cynnie | FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

Nicole Cynnie | FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

What is FINE Hyaluronic & Collagen? It is a complete beauty formula in fine powder form. I was told that collagen in powder form absorbed greater in our body than those in bottles.

Nicole Cynnie | FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

The main ingredients of FINE Hyaluron & Collagen are
  • Collagen (5250mg) - Restores youthfulness
  • Hyaluronic Acid (60mg) - Excellent moisturizing agent
  • Biotin (45ug) - Keeps hair and nails healthy
  • Ascorbic Acid (100mg) - Keeps skin healthy 
  • Elastin (15mg) - Improves elasticity
  • Pearl Coix Extract (450mg) - Removes spots and hyper-pigmentation

What I like about this collagen is, it contains Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in it. Why? Because Vit C helps better collagen absorption in our body. The collagen would be a waste if our body has not enough Vit C, they work together in our body. It it good to take it with beverage that is high in Vit C.

Like I said, I've been drinking FINE Hyaluron & Collagen for 3 months now, and I see improvement on my skin condition. My skin is more supple and watery, and the elasticity of skin gets better. Even my boyfriend said my skin looks better than before. and I feel that my skin is more vitalized.

and the most obvious improvement I've seen is the glow. I don't usually see my skin glow even after applying BB cream, but my mom been asking what did I do to my skin that it looks so glow-wy. I told her that I did makeup, but I know it was because I've been drinking collagen.

so what is the suggested intake?

Nicole Cynnie | FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

take one spoonful (7g) of collagen powder into your desired drink, coffee, tea, soy milk, chocolate or even fruit juice (if you like fruit milkshake) every morning. and yes, it could mix with cold, warm and even hot water. How awesome is that? I usually take soluble Vit C supplement twice a week to helps better collagen absorption in my body.

Note: If you're a vegetarian, this is not suitable for you. The collagen is made out of fish collagen peptide. 

Nicole Cynnie
Taken October 2014 by Lumix GF3
Picture taken on October 2014. I have hormonal acne, red spot, uneven skin, clogged pores and  dull looking skin. Not you ideal skin type.

Nicole Cynnie
Taken February 2015 by Lumix GF3
Tho my hormanal acne (that comes before my menstrual, every month!!) so I will have some red dots here and there, but look at my skin texture, it's a lot more smooth and radiant. 

What I do not like about this collagen drink?
It is not travel-friendly. I hope they have sachet size tho, so I can just grab a few sachet in my handbag and just go when I'm on a vacay. I usually take my breakfast outside, so it is a hassle to make a drink when I'm rushing. Not sure if they have the sachet size, but I have not seen one yet. 

Good news! 

Nicole Cynnie | Mask Slim Gallery CNY Promo

Mask Slim Gallery is having CNY promo now till end of February 2015.

Grab it while stock last. 

FINE Hyaluron & Collagen
Origin: Japan
Capacity: Can (210g), Refill Pack (230g)
Price: RM188

FTC: This is NOT a sponsored post.
Disclaimer: Review above are based on personal experience. Please note that everyone's body is different so the effect may be different.