To a Better 2015

Chinese New Year is approaching and it's time for me to do a new year resolution since I missed the first of January. 

In this new year, I want to be CLOSER TO GOD. I am a Chinese Buddhist and to be more religious, on every 'chu yi' and 'chu shi wu', the first and the fifteenth day of each lunar month, I will observe a vegetarian diet. This does not only make me better in religious but also lead a healthier life.

Talking about HEALTHIER LIFE, this year, I wanna focus more on yoga. Before I started my internship, I had join a few yoga classes in Blue7. I stopped because the time and schedule crashed with my office hour. I fall in love with yoga, if it's not because of internship, I might wanna join for half a year there. so this year, after cny, I'm so gonna find a yoga class in KL, and try my best to join every day. Other than yoga, I also need to develop my love into running. Cardio exercise is important, I hate running because it's boring and I couldn't run for 5 minutes consecutively. Imagine how weak my stamina is. Besides exercising, eating clean is another thing I wanna achieve this year. Tho it's hard, cause I would probably eat out very often, so having vegetarian food twice a month should probably balanced out my diet. Haha. hopefully. or I shall think of a new solution to this...

TIME MANAGEMENT. yes, no more procrastination. Getting up earlier, be a morning person. Start my day with some meditation and end my day with meditation. Cross out all my to-do list of the day, no excuses, and also go to bed before 11pm. and again, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

KEEP THIS BLOG ALIVE. one of achievement I need to unlock this year is to have at least 20 unique view per day. to continue record my life and share my favorites here. and also blog more about inspirational stuff, cause I wanna inspire more people, especially travelling.

READ MORE. the books I read is getting lesser and lesser compared to my teen years. I need to read more, to gain more knowledge and to improve my English a little more.

EXPLORE. travel. wander. explore. getaway to a new city, to a place I never been before and fall in love with it. A confirmed trip this year is Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi. Haha, I know, should say bringing my boyfie to discover my own city.

LOVE ME MORE. taking care of my skin. pamper my hair, no dried ends. moisturize the body, be more fair. yes, whiten and brighten here and there. be more beautiful, gain more confident.