Organo Gold Coffee

Have you heard of coffee that promotes health benefits? Cause I do. I am a caffeine-sensitive person and I would feel nausea after having a low quality one, like Nescafe. I only allow to drink caffeine drink before 12pm, if I take it after, believe me, I would feel very energetic and cause me insomnia. and also, I would feel my hands shaking and I'll be very very active. 

As seen on my title, my recent fave coffee is Organo Gold Coffee. 

nicolecynnie - Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Latte
Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Latte

Organo Gold coffee is natural, organic and is 100% certified Ganoderma Extract. and what's Ganoderma you ask? It is medicinal mushrooms, in Chinese, it is called Ling-zhi. Ling-zhi have been used for health benefits for more than 7,000 years.  

and what's the health benefits of Ganoderma, you ask? Here's a list.

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Fights Cancer
  • Improve blood circulation and lowers stroke risk
  • Protects your Liver
  • Provides Quality Energy and Sleep
  • Improves Heart and Sexual health function
  • A Natural Antioxidant
  • Provides Anti-aging properties
or you can find out more about the benefit (here)

Here's a picture that compare the caffeine in other famous coffee with Organa Coffee. As shown, Organo Gold has the lowest caffeine in a cup size. Does the coffee you are taking contain caffeine?  

source: OG Café Ladies 


To be honest, after knowing that this coffee contains Ling-zhi, I have a bad feeling that it would not taste good. But it was totally opposite of what I thought. It tastes so good! No joke. and I don't feel any adrenaline rushing in my vein after taking it, so it is totally caffeine-free. safe for people like me! Yay, I could enjoy coffee now! No nausea at all. 

nicolecynnie - Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Mocha
Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Mocha

Organo Gold - Black Ice Tea

Other than Cafe Latte, Organa Gold has produce other coffee varieties such as Cafe Mocha and Black Ice Tea. Tho I do not really like the taste of the tea, maybe you may like it. 

Organo Gold Coffee

FTC: This is a sponsored post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.