How I Spent My NYE

It's been two years since I celebrated new year's eve in KK and my mom has been celebrating new year's eve alone for that two years. :( 

This time, I wanna make it memorable and since my brother was going back to KL before mom's actual birthday, I have decided to celebrate her birthday earlier on new year's eve. 

She had no idea that my family were going to celebrate her bday on nye. so after our nye/bday dinner in Bali Bali Garden, we went to Coffee Bean, Damai for cakes and hot vanilla. 

Then I sang birthday song and Uncle William handed her a bouquet of flowers. 
Just look at her happy face!
Uncle William and mome
so we spent our last hours of 2014 and first hour of 2015 in Coffee Bean, Damai. The cars along the street were honing when the clock struck 12. I heard fireworks booming here and there but I seen none. The atmosphere away from town is slightly quite, I bet citizen in town were having more fun! 

before we ended our night, took a few pictures to capture the moment.

Have you noticed the colour of the flower matches my mom's dress? Because I purposely asked her to wear the brightest pink dress she has. Super chio and chic right?

Happy Birthday MOME! 

though I know you won't read this.