Countdown 14 days

As I'm counting down to end my internship, at the same time, I'm counting down to CNY as well. 

Chun's and his family are coming to KK during CNY, so excited cause his family is going to visit me for the first time. And I am so not going to let both our parents meet yet. 

Feel so awkward just thinking about it.

I always thought my mom would not like my boyfriend, just so you know, she likes to use Chun more than she likes him as my boyfriend. 

"Ask your boyfriend do this for me" "ask your boyfriend do that for me" and never say thank you in return. Like my boyfriend has to do stuff to please her. 

And always ask me why don't I find a richer boyfriend. *smack head* but my answer will always makes her go speechless and reply me with "that's my daughter"

My answer to her question is 

Why not find a man who knows how to earn money and become rich? Why do I have to find a man that is already rich? If he doesn't know how to earn, he will eventually.. become poor. Haha. 


Back to my thoughts... 
As I said I thought my mom would not liked my boyfriend, but she's been telling me to tell my boyfriend how to work his career for better future..
and this CNY, she asked me to use her brand new Honda Accord to bring Chun's family around. 

I was like, 'what? Say again?' 

"You know your myvi is small, how can you fit 6 person in there?" 

"Just squeeze a little can ady" 

"Accord bigger, can fit more. And who's going to drive?"


"What? You okay or not?" 

Is she asking Chun's father to drive? Like... you willing to let your brand new car to Chun? 

Oh wow.. haha