A Letter to Myself a Year from Now

Dear Nie,

Today is the 15th of January 2015. I am currently doing my internship in KVC, writing this to you inside a meeting room. not sure if you remember how it feels like to be in here. Boring, I tell you. I don't know how would you feel now, do you missed it here? or do you enjoy the life after graduating? 

Being in this office for the past five months were horrible. Before I started this internship, I was so ready to accept challenges in the office. but things turned out the other way round. It was not as challenging as I thought. I was asked to do measurements, simple one. I was asked to prepare contract and tender documents, collecting all the data and bind it according to the list of contents. No challenges. and sometimes, I got nothing to do the whole day, so I have lots of time to do blogging, readings and maybe if the principal is not around, watching youtube videos. I feel like I was wasting my time here. Nine hours inside the office minus the one hour lunch break, can you reminisce your life here? 

Other than internship, what makes you happy is your relationship with Chun. Is the relationship still going strong right now? Chun loves you very much, he even bought you air ticket to KL over the weekend, you know how much it cost? RM285!! He loves you that much, paid almost RM300 just to see you for less than two days. Touched isn't it? You better treat him well, I tell you. and I guess, you might be planning for your graduation trip with Chun right now. He promised to bring you to Taiwan as graduating trip. He remember or not? 

For family, mome is doing great. She started up a business selling all kind of masks and slimming products, business is doing great too, I hope it does better now. Mome is very happy right now, Uncle William is always there when she needs someone. How just started his Year 1 in uni. everything went pretty smoothly. and I hope everyone is still doing fine there.

Jiayou in whatever you're planning to do. Either doing QS or any better opportunity that comes to you.

Love and kisses from 2015.