Countdown 14 days

As I'm counting down to end my internship, at the same time, I'm counting down to CNY as well. 

Chun's and his family are coming to KK during CNY, so excited cause his family is going to visit me for the first time. And I am so not going to let both our parents meet yet. 

Feel so awkward just thinking about it.

I always thought my mom would not like my boyfriend, just so you know, she likes to use Chun more than she likes him as my boyfriend. 

"Ask your boyfriend do this for me" "ask your boyfriend do that for me" and never say thank you in return. Like my boyfriend has to do stuff to please her. 

And always ask me why don't I find a richer boyfriend. *smack head* but my answer will always makes her go speechless and reply me with "that's my daughter"

My answer to her question is 

Why not find a man who knows how to earn money and become rich? Why do I have to find a man that is already rich? If he doesn't know how to earn, he will eventually.. become poor. Haha. 


Back to my thoughts... 
As I said I thought my mom would not liked my boyfriend, but she's been telling me to tell my boyfriend how to work his career for better future..
and this CNY, she asked me to use her brand new Honda Accord to bring Chun's family around. 

I was like, 'what? Say again?' 

"You know your myvi is small, how can you fit 6 person in there?" 

"Just squeeze a little can ady" 

"Accord bigger, can fit more. And who's going to drive?"


"What? You okay or not?" 

Is she asking Chun's father to drive? Like... you willing to let your brand new car to Chun? 

Oh wow.. haha

To a Better 2015

Chinese New Year is approaching and it's time for me to do a new year resolution since I missed the first of January. 

In this new year, I want to be CLOSER TO GOD. I am a Chinese Buddhist and to be more religious, on every 'chu yi' and 'chu shi wu', the first and the fifteenth day of each lunar month, I will observe a vegetarian diet. This does not only make me better in religious but also lead a healthier life.

Talking about HEALTHIER LIFE, this year, I wanna focus more on yoga. Before I started my internship, I had join a few yoga classes in Blue7. I stopped because the time and schedule crashed with my office hour. I fall in love with yoga, if it's not because of internship, I might wanna join for half a year there. so this year, after cny, I'm so gonna find a yoga class in KL, and try my best to join every day. Other than yoga, I also need to develop my love into running. Cardio exercise is important, I hate running because it's boring and I couldn't run for 5 minutes consecutively. Imagine how weak my stamina is. Besides exercising, eating clean is another thing I wanna achieve this year. Tho it's hard, cause I would probably eat out very often, so having vegetarian food twice a month should probably balanced out my diet. Haha. hopefully. or I shall think of a new solution to this...

TIME MANAGEMENT. yes, no more procrastination. Getting up earlier, be a morning person. Start my day with some meditation and end my day with meditation. Cross out all my to-do list of the day, no excuses, and also go to bed before 11pm. and again, leading to a healthy lifestyle.

KEEP THIS BLOG ALIVE. one of achievement I need to unlock this year is to have at least 20 unique view per day. to continue record my life and share my favorites here. and also blog more about inspirational stuff, cause I wanna inspire more people, especially travelling.

READ MORE. the books I read is getting lesser and lesser compared to my teen years. I need to read more, to gain more knowledge and to improve my English a little more.

EXPLORE. travel. wander. explore. getaway to a new city, to a place I never been before and fall in love with it. A confirmed trip this year is Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi. Haha, I know, should say bringing my boyfie to discover my own city.

LOVE ME MORE. taking care of my skin. pamper my hair, no dried ends. moisturize the body, be more fair. yes, whiten and brighten here and there. be more beautiful, gain more confident.


Organo Gold Coffee

Have you heard of coffee that promotes health benefits? Cause I do. I am a caffeine-sensitive person and I would feel nausea after having a low quality one, like Nescafe. I only allow to drink caffeine drink before 12pm, if I take it after, believe me, I would feel very energetic and cause me insomnia. and also, I would feel my hands shaking and I'll be very very active. 

As seen on my title, my recent fave coffee is Organo Gold Coffee. 

nicolecynnie - Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Latte
Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Latte

Organo Gold coffee is natural, organic and is 100% certified Ganoderma Extract. and what's Ganoderma you ask? It is medicinal mushrooms, in Chinese, it is called Ling-zhi. Ling-zhi have been used for health benefits for more than 7,000 years.  

and what's the health benefits of Ganoderma, you ask? Here's a list.

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Fights Cancer
  • Improve blood circulation and lowers stroke risk
  • Protects your Liver
  • Provides Quality Energy and Sleep
  • Improves Heart and Sexual health function
  • A Natural Antioxidant
  • Provides Anti-aging properties
or you can find out more about the benefit (here)

Here's a picture that compare the caffeine in other famous coffee with Organa Coffee. As shown, Organo Gold has the lowest caffeine in a cup size. Does the coffee you are taking contain caffeine?  

source: OG Café Ladies 


To be honest, after knowing that this coffee contains Ling-zhi, I have a bad feeling that it would not taste good. But it was totally opposite of what I thought. It tastes so good! No joke. and I don't feel any adrenaline rushing in my vein after taking it, so it is totally caffeine-free. safe for people like me! Yay, I could enjoy coffee now! No nausea at all. 

nicolecynnie - Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Mocha
Organo Gold - Gourmet Cafe Mocha

Organo Gold - Black Ice Tea

Other than Cafe Latte, Organa Gold has produce other coffee varieties such as Cafe Mocha and Black Ice Tea. Tho I do not really like the taste of the tea, maybe you may like it. 

Organo Gold Coffee

FTC: This is a sponsored post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. 

A Letter to Myself a Year from Now

Dear Nie,

Today is the 15th of January 2015. I am currently doing my internship in KVC, writing this to you inside a meeting room. not sure if you remember how it feels like to be in here. Boring, I tell you. I don't know how would you feel now, do you missed it here? or do you enjoy the life after graduating? 

Being in this office for the past five months were horrible. Before I started this internship, I was so ready to accept challenges in the office. but things turned out the other way round. It was not as challenging as I thought. I was asked to do measurements, simple one. I was asked to prepare contract and tender documents, collecting all the data and bind it according to the list of contents. No challenges. and sometimes, I got nothing to do the whole day, so I have lots of time to do blogging, readings and maybe if the principal is not around, watching youtube videos. I feel like I was wasting my time here. Nine hours inside the office minus the one hour lunch break, can you reminisce your life here? 

Other than internship, what makes you happy is your relationship with Chun. Is the relationship still going strong right now? Chun loves you very much, he even bought you air ticket to KL over the weekend, you know how much it cost? RM285!! He loves you that much, paid almost RM300 just to see you for less than two days. Touched isn't it? You better treat him well, I tell you. and I guess, you might be planning for your graduation trip with Chun right now. He promised to bring you to Taiwan as graduating trip. He remember or not? 

For family, mome is doing great. She started up a business selling all kind of masks and slimming products, business is doing great too, I hope it does better now. Mome is very happy right now, Uncle William is always there when she needs someone. How just started his Year 1 in uni. everything went pretty smoothly. and I hope everyone is still doing fine there.

Jiayou in whatever you're planning to do. Either doing QS or any better opportunity that comes to you.

Love and kisses from 2015. 

How I Spent My NYE

It's been two years since I celebrated new year's eve in KK and my mom has been celebrating new year's eve alone for that two years. :( 

This time, I wanna make it memorable and since my brother was going back to KL before mom's actual birthday, I have decided to celebrate her birthday earlier on new year's eve. 

She had no idea that my family were going to celebrate her bday on nye. so after our nye/bday dinner in Bali Bali Garden, we went to Coffee Bean, Damai for cakes and hot vanilla. 

Then I sang birthday song and Uncle William handed her a bouquet of flowers. 
Just look at her happy face!
Uncle William and mome
so we spent our last hours of 2014 and first hour of 2015 in Coffee Bean, Damai. The cars along the street were honing when the clock struck 12. I heard fireworks booming here and there but I seen none. The atmosphere away from town is slightly quite, I bet citizen in town were having more fun! 

before we ended our night, took a few pictures to capture the moment.

Have you noticed the colour of the flower matches my mom's dress? Because I purposely asked her to wear the brightest pink dress she has. Super chio and chic right?

Happy Birthday MOME! 

though I know you won't read this. 

2015 Pledge

This year, I, Nicole Long promise to take care of my body, my health, my mind, and my happiness. 

I will eat whole, clean foods, I will exercise regularly. I will surround myself with people who support me and distance myself from people who don't.

This year, I will live fearlessly. I will do all in my power to sculpt the body and the life I deserve.

Here's to the best year ever!