My 10 favorite accounts on Instagram

saying I am an Instagram obsessed would be an understatement.

I 'gram errday and errhour and I just can't get enough of it! I look for inspiration from Instagram, and damn some friends of mine are good in 1:1 photography.

I came across a quote saying "If the picture doesn't look good in square, it shouldn't be on instagram." Wow, that hit me hard, cause I always whitagram or squaready my picture to fit in that square. still trying my best to make my instagram look chio and artistry. that means less of my own selca, of course.

Here's my 10 favourite accounts on instagram.

#1 @fourfeetnine

I'm sure many of you know her. Audrey, the mother of Fighter Tiah, Haha yes, her baby is way more popular than her now. Daily pictures of #fightertiah and #audfit, why not right?

#2 @bellakuan

I think I know her thru picture of her in some famous blogger, then I started to read her blog, and noticed that she's a traveler too. I like the places she go for vacation, her fashion sense and every events in her life! She's famous but she has less advertisement on her instagram unlike most famous blogger.

#3 @yunnruru

Yunn Ru is my friend, Jer Yenn's elder sister. She's a Sabah model and is very down to earth. Her instagram is very artistic and English, tho sometimes I don't understand art, but her photography skill is good!!

#4 @karenkh0

Karen Kho is known as Malaysia fitness blogger and recently fell in love with travelling. Her portraits in her instagram are all taken from her beloved boyfriend. I really love her instagram, from her pictures at the gym to her travelling portraits. Stunning and motivating!

#5 @xxarissacheoxx

Arissa Cheo is a Singapore fashion diva, tho I couldn't afford all her clothes but she's one chic street fashion diva. Her life is simply luxurious, everything she owns are branded and places she goes are sumptuousness. She's living in the world of Upper East Side and me on the other side living in a pineapple under the sea. just saying.

#6 @xolovestephi

Tiffany, member of the famous Kpop girl group, Girl's Generation owns a pinkish instagram. Her pictures are mostly in warm pink colour, soft and romantic. loving her life not because she's an artist/singer but an ordinary girl who loves pink and cute stuff!

#7 @syj_jessica

Jessica Jung, ex member of Girl's Generation. She's my least favourite among the group, but I really do love her k-fashion sense and she always update pictures of her lil sister, Krystal. Haha! yes, Krystal is my woman crush, don't judge.

#8 @hillarylau

Hillary Lau is a Hong Kong model who owns three poodles namely, Chocojai, Latte and Bailey. I got so attached to this instagram account is because (1) the cute poodles and (2) Hillary is so pretty! and I love her tomboyish fashion. and she recently launched her own brand, U0068LAB. Do check it out!

#9 @chan.tsz.ying

Chan Tsz Ying is from Hong Kong too, She's a blogger, model and a traveler. Her instagram is mostly in white and blue if you noticed. I love her fashion sense and she really look good in white. All her pictures are taken from her boyfriend and do check out her traveling pictures. She really know how to live her life!


Angel's husband is an Olympic gymnast from Beijing China. I watched the China TV programme, Dad is Back, and Oli, their beloved daughter was on the show with the dad, Xiao Peng (also known as XP in Angel's instagram caption). I ship this family cause both the parents are very active in outdoor activity and they are always the No. 1 in Amazing Race (China). This family is so loving and they will always have my likes on instagram.

What's your favourite accounts on instagram?