Learning Hangul @ Maru Language Education Service

Hashtag throwback to April 2013. 

I was playing around with Google+ the other day and found the only friend I have in my Google+ is Maru Language Education Service. Yea, don't judge. haha

so I clicked on it, started to stalk and then.. I found myself in some pictures. 

ahh... reminiscing the good old days.

still remembered how independent I was, joining the class without friends, walking to class every Sunday alone, and then had lunch alone after class. tho I looked really lonely, but I had a great time dating only with myself. Haha.

My experience in this Hangul class was good. The teachers are friendly, and they taught well. I still keep the workbook at home and I could read hangul now, but I couldn't understand some vocab. I'm still a beginner but would definitely go for intermediate and advanced class in the future.

The fee of the beginner class (Level 1A) is RM155. The price included workbook and certificates.
One semester is two and a half months, and each class is one and a half hours. One class a week, so a whole semester is about ten weeks, and you will get your certificate on the last day of the semester.

Because I love to watch Korean's entertainments show especially Running Man, I find Korean language is easy. Practice makes perfect, I hope I could communicate with Korean someday!

No. 3-2 Jalan PJS 11/28 Sunway Metro, 
Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya 
Selangor 46150 Malaysia

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Contact number: +60184682540