Last Chapter to End the Book 2014

One last chapter to end the book 2014, what to do to make my 2014 fruitful?

Last weekends were quite eventful and productive than my usual weekends, gracias to Joyce and Eugene, I got my video shooting done from the help of them. Tho after all the shootings and editing, I am still not satisfied with the outcome. It was far worse than I was expected.

The purpose of the video shooting was for the Maybank Blogbuster Campaign. I've never heard anything like blogbuster before, so might as well to give it a try. eventho I have low confidence in getting it.

Guess my story line was too long. after editing, it was like 40 seconds long where the campaign only needs 10 seconds video. Cut lots of scene during editing, the video turn out to be very rushy to the point I don't even know what's going on. *laugh at myself* Fine, forget about it, just wish me luck!

Picture was taken during video shooting. I was being vain. 

Loving the natural sunlight that makes all the pictures look nice. Everyone's skin is so radiant, all thanks to the kisses from the sun! 

and also, Happy 22nd Birthday to Greg!

I still feel pitiful for him.

How irony is that? A white kid having a typical Asian dad and still having curfew on his 22nd birthday. *laugh* Oh boy, the male version of Cinderella.

I had a little social awkward during Greg's birthday party, well, not really good at making new friends, but thank God that his friends are so nice and friendly. Glad I met new friends here!

What a good way to end November!