I Made a Mistake...

This happened last Friday when I was walking to my car after work. 

There were three little kids that age roughly 9-12 sitting on the staircase next to my car. They looked dirty, muddy and their hair were messy. They seemed like brothers but I wasn't sure. 

I dug my hand into my Sasa non-woven bag to look for my car key and found a bag of mint candies I bought few weeks ago. With no doubt, I handed it over to one of the children. To my surprise, the other one stood up and fought for it while my other hand was still digging for my car key.

It was raining lightly that evening, getting into the car before the rain starts pouring was the only thing in my mind. so I ran into my car quickly. I was worried that the three of them would fight over a bag of candies. So I looked through my rear mirror and I saw the three children were sharing like one for you, one for you and one for me. Then, I sighed for relieved. 

so I left and headed back home. 

There.. that's when I realized I made a mistake. 

I should have not care about me from the rain but the three starving-looking children. I should have walked a few steps to the 24 hours convenient store and get some foods and drinks for the three children. I should have done so.

I made a mistake and I hope I could meet them again. And when that day comes, I would get some foods and drinks for them.