I've never been worrying about what to wear or what to be on Halloween, because I have never been invited to any Halloween party before. 

and I've always been watching Halloween makeup tutorial on YouTube, but never thought that I would be searching for one. This Halloween, I wanted to dress up in something sassy. becoming a Minnie Mouse had came to my mind. 

because I was told about the Halloween party last minute, I've no idea where could I find Minnie mouse costume. and fortunately, I got one from Hui Ting.  

taken with Oppo Find 7
My mom did asked if I wanna blacken my nose and draw a few whiskers on both of my cheeks. but I don't wanna go any further than that, you know, I'm currently staying in Kota Kinabalu, not Kuala Lumpur. 

Joyce x Elynn x Me

Elynn x Me

Me x Brian 

Me x Bonnie

Joyce x Me

Bar35 in KK Time Square doesn't held any Halloween nor anyone wearing costume cause all the clubbies had went to The Bed Waterfront. We didn't choose to go The Bed because we knew the place must be crowded with vampires and zombies.

Joyce x Elynn x Me
The Halloween atmosphere in Bar35 was not as fun as I thought. No one is wearing costumes and we were the only table who wore devil or bunny headbands. Oh and, I forgot to bring my Minnie headband, how annoying is that??

After partying for a few hours, I went to The Bed tagging Joyce along with me. My mom was there with my family friends, I know, I have a very sporting mom. It was my mom's first clubbing experience, haha. She went to the club merely because to support the daughter of her friend in Halloween costume competition. The place was crowded, I guess the whole citizen was gathered there. Joking. Hah.

Well, my first Halloween experience was not as fun as I thought, read about Cheesie went to Japan during Halloween and it looks so cool! maybe I would try it again in Japan.