Day Trip to Chamang Waterfall in Bentong, Pahang

Two weeks right after my visit to Sungai Lembing, Pahang, I had joined the boyfriend and his collegue to Bentong, Pahang. It was actually a company trip or they called it family trip. Like the last trip, we were forced to wake up before sunrise and gathered in Cheras (boyfriend's company).

To save fuel and mother earth, we carpooled with the boyfriend's cousin to our destination. Took us around 1 hour to reach Bentong from Cheras, shorter distance compared to Sungai Lembing.

Chamang Waterfall is the main attraction in Bentong, and for food, their famous tofu puff and overwhelming coffee is quite popular. We didn't get to try the food there when we visited because we couldn't make it to the Pasar Besar Bentong in time. 

Pasar Besar Bentong is a morning wet market which sells local vege and food. My uncle told me to go early in the morning for breakfast there and try out their coffee. Well, sobs, couldn't make it because I went there with the boyfriend's company. I have no say to the itinerary. 

Chamang Waterfall, Bentong, Pahang.
It was raining the day before we visited Bentong, and the waterfall that day was tumbling down from the top. I could hear the downpour from the carpark. The view was majestic, the water is so clear and trees are everywhere. Mother nature, you're beautiful as always. 

Nature therapy is always free. 

pictures before we jumped into the water.

le monkey


the boyfriend taking picture of me

and here's the outcome. haha

Vivian again

Be very careful when you're in the water, because there was a sign board at the entrance telling how many people had died in the past few years here in this waterfall I was in. how scary.

The water was so so cold before 12pm, my teeth were grinding the moment I jumped into the water. The boyfriend's muscle was giggling at me too. Haha.. The water was cascading and I was forced to keep swimming, but no matter how much I swam, I was still at stationary. I believed that I will be flown away if I stopped swimming. Imagine how thunderous the water was.

After some play time, we were asked to get back to the land for our lunch. We had Malaysian delight, Nasi Lemak as our lunch.

Me queuing for my food

Happy girl with her food

After lunch, went to took my shower in the public toilet while the boyfriend and my brother continue their fun time in the water. I was tempted to jump back in to the water, but I couldn't bare to wait for shower later when everyone was ready to leave.

There's was nothing much I could say about this place other than the free nature therapy I get from the Mother Earth. I've seen a lot of Malay families picnicking dy the river. They seems like they had been coming to this place quite lots of time. I don't know, Just guessing by the stuffs they brought.

Anyway, time passes real quick and it's time for us to leave. waiting for the rest to shower, then we packed and off we go home. 

Goodbye, Chamang Waterfall.

and so. Chamang Waterfall day trip ends here.