Weekend Getaway to Sungai Lembing, Pahang

On the last week of March this year, I went to Sungai Lembing in Pahang with the Quantity Surveying Society committee members. I've always wanted to blog about this adventurous trip but the busy schedule last semester made it not happened. 

..and here I am trying to reminisce the moments and the itinerary. 

Let's go back to the last weekend of March

skipped my tutorial class on Friday. Glen picked me up from my place and met up with the rest for breakfast in SS15. Then we started our Journey and headed to Kuantan to meet up Kim. The five of us, Alice, Glen, Chee Ming, Bryan and I took two cars up to Kuantan. I was asked to follow Glen's car so I had a 3 hours talk with him from Subang all the way to Kuantan. 
after 3 hours ride, finally checked-in to a 3-storey terrace house, Kim's place. I'm in love with his house at first sight. the spacious living room, the modern interior design and his sister's pink room! It's a room of my dream.

Check out Kim's brother's room where Alice and I stayed that night. 

Alice's bed on the left and mine on the right. 
so after settling down, we headed out for lunch, dessert and then off to the first beach.

Beserah Beach 

Beserah Beach, Kuantan.
Beserah Beach
I don't think anyone would come out to the beach around one or two in the afternoon. It was bloody hot. still remembered how Bryan's slipper got flushed away by the waves and how Chee Ming got broken glass stucked in his foot and how Glen used his saliva to clean Chee Ming's wound. hah I sense some bromance there. 

after spending some times there, we left and headed to second beach.

Teluk Cempedak

The first thing when we reached Teluk Cempedak is to get a new slipper for Bryan. Haha! and outside the shop there was a monkey (thought of the boyfriend) sitting on top of a payphone. 

not sure who tried to make friend with the monkey but ended up it tryna attack us. whrahhhh.... ruuuuun! 

there there little monkey. we're nice. 

Walah.. Teluk Cempedak beach, Kuantan. 

That's Chee Ming (white) and Kim (black) flying a kite
We also bought frisbee from the stores. no, we bought two frisbees because I broke the first one. hahaha. Accidentally threw it to the lamp post and it broke. low quality or I'm good at it? I take the latter. hah. I kinda enjoyed the whole bonding session with the seniors with these kind of activities. plus I taught them how to play frisbee some more. insert proudface.jpg

the sunsets. street lights on. and we still refuse to leave. 

until everyone was hungry.

then we headed to this famous restaurant in Kuantan for their fried salty egg crabs. I regret for not taking pictures of it. google search about it if you don't know. it tasted so good that I am drooling now. 

so, after dinner, we headed back to Kim's place exhausted-ly. quickly took our shower, and the guys continued their night with alcohol. and for me, I slept right after I blew dry my hair. 

I had boo boo after frisbee. *cries*

and here's the end of my Day 01. 

Day 02 - Sunrise, Panorama Hill

woke up around 4am the next day and drove to Panorama Hill, Kuantan to see sunrise. Hiking is my thing, but because of the sleepless night before in Kim's house. I was not so energizes. It took me quite awhile to climb up the plunging hill and yes, I failed to catch the sunrise, neither my group of company. We still made it up there. Although we missed the sunrise, but the view from the top of Panorama Hill is breathtaking. Looking through a sea of clouds sun-drenched above the village in Sungai Lembing. One word, wonderful! 

Look at the sea of clouds behind us!

Bryan (blue), Glen (grey), Chee Ming (white), kim (with cap), Alice (red) and I

After spending sometime on top, we headed down. Be careful here, I sprained my ankle because the meandering road down was slippery. Then we headed to Sg. Lembing town to get ourselves local food, tomato mee. After breakfast, check-in to our cottage. 

The cottage is located on top of Sg. Lembing hill, the route to the Rainbow Waterfall. I like that place, very cozy, the view is breathtaking. It's a nice place to relax, away from the stressful city. I really love having myself there. 

Here's some info if you're interested.

This is their room. not bad right?

and ahem* opposite the bed

After some rest, we headed to Kim's uncle restaurant to rent their bicycle. We traveled around the village, stopped by the Museum and then it started raining. We had no where to hide so we ran into an old convenient shop leaving our bicycle outside. T'was fun. We traveled into the housing area from their old hanging bridge and back to the town from the newly-built concreted bridge. Regretted for not taking any picture, but it was not convenient to take any picture while cycling. gah.. oh well.

return our bicycle. back to our cottage. and we rested for a while.

after taking shower, I took a nap surrounded by the nature while the others were chit-chatting. fall asleep hearing the chirps of the birds. after like an hour, I woke up feeling relaxed. My mind and soul are all cleared up. ahh... I really wanted to go back.

then we paid a visit to the Sungai Lembing Mines. It was one of the attraction so might as well visit there once. Tbh, I was not interested to visit stuff like this.The mines was long and deep, special, but I didn't really enjoyed it. I thought the train was going to bring us inside but wtf it only brought us like 300 meters, and we needed to walk all the way in. Inside the mines was cold and dark, looks real but it's fake. and so I paid RM30 for walking inside a mines where water dripped on top of my head. I don't think this place worth the admission fee and the place is somehow overrated lahh.

after that, we went to take out dinner in a restaurant and then back to the cottage for some karaoke and drinking session. and this marked the end of our day 02.

Day 03 - Rainbow Waterfall

woke up before the sunrise again quickly get ourselves ready and met up with the rest at the lobby. and that day was our last day, and we're going to end it with something I love, explore the nature. 

the bumpy car, It was a 4wd, but just let me name it bumpy car, was waiting outside our cottage for us. we took a ride down the town and had our breakfast at the place we took our lunch on Day 02. After that, we started our journey into the nature. We took of from the town and head into hill by bumpy car. Around 45 minutes to 1 hour of bumpy car ride to reach the hiking point to the Rainbow Waterfall. 

Beware of slapping tree trunk on your way there. I got slapped a few times, and the bumpy car ride really hurt my butt. Once we reached the hiking point, we were asked to change into their hiking shoe. Rental fee: MYR3 per pair. The smallest size there is still big for my tiny feet, just so you know, I am size 5. 

First of, we needed to cross a small but strong river, rope is attached for you to grab while crossing. Remember I sprained my ankle in Panorama Hill? Yup, imagine me hiking w sprained ankle? Ouch. But I made it with the help of Chee Ming and Glen. Good teamwork! Haha 

Now, let the picture speaks. 

I should have took this w my GF3, It's still nice w my S3 camera

After some fun time playing with Rainbow Waterfall, we headed back to our cottage by the bumpy car, took our shower and back to Subang. 

and here is the end of my weekend getaway in Sungai Lembing, Pahang.