Outstation plus Short Gateway to KUL

as if you don't know, I've been doing my internship for 8 weeks now... and I have 5 months to go. :(

Up until now, I could say my internship journey was pretty much fun at times and boring at times. To compare with my coursemates who works in another company, they have a lot of measuring to do, which is pretty annoying if you do it everyday. so thank God that I am blessed to do a lot of contract related works, preparation of documents, and more but measuements. and if I do measurements, I do one whole building starting from foundation to the roof. unlike my coursemate who did just beams and columns for a month! How boring. 

fortunately, and I did say I am blessed. my principal sent me and my supervisor to KL for work last week. and yessss, I got to see my boyfriend. how lucky am I? 

Before I flew to KL on last Tuesday, I went to the MAS office and extend my flight ticket from last Friday (actual return day) to last Sunday. Cheated on boyfriend saying that I need him to bring me to MAS office in KLIA to extend my ticket. I'll talk about this on another post. 

Works was okay, but I was excited to meet my boyfriend all the time.


On last Friday, during my 3 hours lunch break, I went to cut and pamper my hair in A Saloon, Alamanda. hahaha, not sure if I went to KL to work or pampering myself. I am pleased and satisfied with the hair service in A Saloon.

The hair stylist, Kar Joon recommend me to do FUENTE Scalp & Hair Treatment because my scalp was oily and my hair was covered with dandruff plus all the chemical treatment I did to my hair in the past: wave, colour, bleached, daily heat...

After the treatment, magically, I can feel that my hair is a lot bouncier, less hair loss when I comb or wash my hair. The most happy thing is, my hair is less oily! This hair treatment is magical! and I did not know how important scalp treatment is.

The hair stylist recommend all his customer to do this treatment every 3 months, but I guess i can only do one a year because of my budget. hahaha!

till next time.