Joyce's Wedding Reception @ Hakka Association Hall, Tanjung Lipat

After the morning wedding ceremony, Woan and I got home and took our nap. It was the best 3 hours nap ever. The alarm rang and we were forced to wake up from our wonderland, but I still do not wanna get out of the bed.
Woan whatsapp me this while I was still snoozing my alarm
because we had errant to run, we did our makeups dreadfully. haha! but we ended up looking very chio too. Joyce text-ed saying she needs bridesmaids to usher the guest of the night, so we rushed over. 

now, let the pictures speak. 

uploaded this picha to insta and guess what? it is my first 100 likes on insta. happy me!

front view. necklace bought from the boyfriend.

back view.

Woan & I

makeup of the night

me & QQ

Francisca, Kimberly, me, QQ and Woan

Kimberly. Me. QQ. Woan.

The bride

vain. being vain.

Francisca. Bonnie. Me

The newly wed couple
and my fave pic of all

do I look like 180cm to you? thanks Woan for the awesome capture.