Amina's Birthday Dinner @ Awesome Canteen, Taman Paramount

In early July this year, my coursemates and I celebrated Amina's 19th birthday in Awesome Canteen located near Paramount Garden. One of my coursemate, Maureen made a booking of six there. When I first heard the name of the place, I knew it is going to be some hipster cafe, so I googled up and found lots of good food review. and therefore, I went to Awesome Canteen with high expectation.

The interior
some vintage tv as decoration. 

The waiter came and distribute the menus to each of us, but we were more likely to chit chat and snap pictures. The boyfriend was the cameraman of the night, cause I told him that I wanna enjoy my food more than taking pictures. Haha. So here's me having dilemma on which food should I order.

Awesome Canteen servers variety of foods from Asian fusion, breakfast, fast food to burger/sandwiches with western inspiration. The most food review I read was their burger, so I decided to order burger for myself.

The price range of the main course is around MYR20 to MYR40. I do not remember the name of each food I took, but I could tell what's on the plate.

Grilled chicken risotto

Grilled chicken

Mushroom soup with garlic bread
 It's been awhile since I used this cup. I was only a primary school student when I used this kind of cup to drink milo after a day from school. The garlic soup is good, not too thick, not so watery, just the way I like it.

Nachos with special dips. 
 As appetizer, I ordered some nachos for the table. The dip is their signature. It tastes so so good and it goes well with the nachos. Thumps up for this.

My beef burger
 The burger is a little big huge, I could not finish it all. I barely bite the whole burger, sauces and vege were dropping one by one. and I ended up only eaten the bun, ate the beef patty separately. The chips is nice, and if I am not mistaken, it was not potato chips, but sweet potato chips which make the whole meal slightly healthier. Haha.

Grilled beef
look at that face. 

love is in the air. look at how Thol stares with his smile. 
After our dinner, the waiter came with Amina's cake and sing her birthday song.

and we ended our night with lots of wefies.

Iuthi. Me. Amina. Maureen
Maureen. Iuthi
Amina. Me. Boyfriend.

Joyce's Wedding Reception @ Hakka Association Hall, Tanjung Lipat

After the morning wedding ceremony, Woan and I got home and took our nap. It was the best 3 hours nap ever. The alarm rang and we were forced to wake up from our wonderland, but I still do not wanna get out of the bed.
Woan whatsapp me this while I was still snoozing my alarm
because we had errant to run, we did our makeups dreadfully. haha! but we ended up looking very chio too. Joyce text-ed saying she needs bridesmaids to usher the guest of the night, so we rushed over. 

now, let the pictures speak. 

uploaded this picha to insta and guess what? it is my first 100 likes on insta. happy me!

front view. necklace bought from the boyfriend.

back view.

Woan & I

makeup of the night

me & QQ

Francisca, Kimberly, me, QQ and Woan

Kimberly. Me. QQ. Woan.

The bride

vain. being vain.

Francisca. Bonnie. Me

The newly wed couple
and my fave pic of all

do I look like 180cm to you? thanks Woan for the awesome capture. 

Being a Bridesmaid

Joyce and I during the night before her big day
the last time I woke up in the middle of the night for some serious stuff to do was a year ago, this time I got up one hour later, 4am, to doll myself up. The night before, I was in Joyce's in house party and the party pretty much ended quite late. when Woan and I got home and ready for bed, it was already around 1am. Imagine getting up 3 hours later? I couldn't sleep in the whole night, Woan was ninja-sleeping, she kicked me 2-3 times the whole night and told me that she couldn't not sleep the next morning. I was like, yea, me either. =,=

so we got up, quickly dolled ourselves up and rushed up to Joyce's place. took our breakfast and then girls being girls. we took lots of selfies and wefies.

The Maid of Honour and the bridesmaids. 

Me, Woan and QQ

Me, Woan, QQ and Michelle

Michelle, Woan, QQ and Me!

Kei Kei, Woan and Me!
After our breakfast, and making sure all the games were ready, here came the groom.

The groomsmen and the groom
and the games begun!

I was a bit disappointed at the groomsmen because they were so less anticipating, which made everything awkward. but after reading Timothy Tiah's blog about wedding, I take it back. I agree that the groomsmen wanted to look good on that day too, especially the camera crew was snapping every picture of the moments. I'll let them go.

After the games, the vows, and the tea-drinking session, we all headed to the church. missed the part where Joyce's dad walked her down the aisle because I was left behind where the traffic light decided to switched to red light before me. oh well..

still got time to snap some picha of me in the car.

I don't know, looking down is the new trend
after all the wedding ceremony, exchanging rings and photography session, all of us got back home.

and here's the pictures of the day

taken in the church
Michelle received her bouquet from the bride.
borrowed the bouquet for some picture. 
Before I end this post. 

Here's my OOTD of the day. 

full outfit

the make

and the accessories