My Clogged/Congested Pores Journey

I used to have acne-free, baby-soft skin with zero pores during my teenage time. Some pimples might pop out one or two during my menstrual period, and that’s normal. During those time, I was using full range of SkinFood skincare. Up until I got in to college, I started to use BB cream every day and have no knowledge on makeups and have no idea that I need to use makeup remover. Because of the lack of knowledge hence my skin got worse. Ever since, my pores are clogged, and got very sensitive. Not sure if this considered as acne-prone, but I’ve research on the internet, some say clogged pores are type of acne too.

And then I’ve been suffering from clogged pores for almost 2 years.

Today, I am very happy that I am 90% recovered from congested pores and the remaining 10% is the scar, enlarged pores lefts to reach my goal, to have the skin I used to have during my teenage time. Now, I can conclude that my skin type is dry (small flakes), sensitive (thin epidermal, redness and warm), having enlarged pores and sometimes, will look dull during midday.

For the last two years, I have been researching, trying on different products, visiting dermatologist and taking collagen. Some works, some make it worst, and it is a very hectic journey. My confidence drops, I refuse to go outdoor and meeting friends because I am too concern about how I look.

And now, my goal is to achieve the skin I used to have and feel great & confident to go outdoor and meet people.