Hong Kong - My Childhood

In early February, my family and I went to visit our relatives in Hong Kong. It was a 6 days 5 nights trip, and it was during the Chinese new year. On Tuesday (12th Feb), we took airasia flight to Hong Kong. I am actually kinda regret taking airsia for a 4 hours flight, as you know their gap between your knee and the seat in front of you is so small, I felt suffocated in there. Some more, there were no entertainment in-flight, I was bored to death. I should have take the hot seat, at least, more comfortable. Sigh.. lesson learnt!

When we reached in Hong Kong International Airport, auntie and cousin were already there waiting for us. Once we touched down, we direct head to a cafe and had our late lunch. First meal was not bad. I ordered a set lunch which came in carbonara spaghetti, mushroom soup and a drink. After eating, we took bus to Citygate Outlet Mall in Tung Chung, to buy our winter clothing there, which is cheaper than anywhere else for a branded clothing. It was one of the attractions in Hong Kong. I bought a Roxy polar bear jacket at 20% off. (if I am not mistaken)
Here's my little cousin playing with my Roxy polar bear jacket. Cute, huh?

After shopping, in the evening, granny called and said she can't wait to see us and asked us to be home on time for dinner. Whoo, and so, we took train to Kowloon Station and then took cab back home to Hung Hom.

My mom and dad have been living in Hong Kong for almost 10 years, they were staying with my relatives there. Back then, my dad and mom were working, and I was made in Hong Kong, hahahaha, but of course, in first of May 1993, my mom flew back to Malaysia to deliver me. After separation for 18 years, my family finally came back to visit them again. I was living in Hong Kong for few years before I started pre-school. I have no memory there, but I made a lot of memory for my family. In every corner of that house in Hong Kong, my mom told me what I did and what I broke. She still remembers every single detail of each moment. From that, I can know, my relatives had lived in that house for more than 20 years. Well, just that, they renovated and changed their furniture, of course. But being told of what I did when I was younger there, made me feel very sentimental. I have no memory, but I have a strong feeling about it. My mom cried when she was talking to my granny and grandpa, she made me teared up too.
My granny and grandpa made a lot of dishes for dinner, and it was so yummy. Mome said she missed her food. I have finally tasted real shark fin soup in Hong Kong, as back in Malaysia, I have only tasted fake shark fin made with flour. The real shark fin soup was so yummy, but of course, be careful with the bones. After dinner, we walked down to the streets nearby to chill. and along the way, mome said, I still remember me holding your hand walking along this street to take bus, and you were curious at everything. Of course, I wanted to know more about myself, so I was like, tell me more... tell me more... and those are the secrets.
We had street food that night, curry fish ball, siu mai, and the famous roasted duck and pork. yummy!! After walking a few streets, everyone got tired and we headed back to our home and get enough rest for the next day to come.