First Monday of 2014

I've been staying over in boyfriend's place since the first day of 2014. It's the sixth day today and also the first Monday of 2014. Boyfriend is now officially a full-time insurance agent and I got to be stuck at home (boyfriend's home).

Boyfriend woke up around 6am today, got himself ready and took breakfast while I was still in my dreamland. I woke up because of the noise he made. He was dressed handsomely, wearing the blouse we bought in Pavillion together, neck tie and tie clip I gifted as his birthday present and his new Seiko automatic watch from his buddies and me. Smart as usual.

I got up to give him a morning kiss and he left to work. Went back to sleep till 10am and then had breakfast downstairs.Made myself a cup of coffee and some sausages Mome Chun made on the table. While having my breakfast and reading Fighter Tiah's Dayre, boyfriend's elder bro came down from his room and had breakfast with me. awkwardly chatted awhile and said he will buy me lunch and if any food I would like, hehehe. Is this the feeling of having an elder bro?

So after breakfast, went to the backyard and did laundry. nothing else I could do so iPad is my only companion now. 11pm is so far away from now and I wonder how things going for boyfriend in the office. I hope he is doing well.