Day 03: Bali Safari - Ubud Luwak Coffee - Tanah Lot

before we took our flights to Bali, I searched for Bali local tour online, and found Bali Day Tour website. The website provides a number of day tours, ranging from half day tours to adventure tours.
It is a private tour for couple, a family or business trip for maximum 10 person. All you need to do is to select a tour you wanted from the website, make a booking from them, and they will send a car with english-spoken driver to pick you up from you hotel and bring you around. 
we chose the Bali Safari & Marine Park and Tanah Lot full day tour on the third day of our Bali trip. The itinerary provided from the website is Bali Safari & Marine Park, Taman Ayun, Kedaton Village and Tanah Lot. but we change our destination a little bit because we have no interest to go Kedaton Village (a village full of monkeys and fruits as told by the driver). 
so here's our route instead
From our hotel, to Bali Safari & Marine Park, to Luwak Ubud Villas for coffee and lastly, Tanah Lot to see sunset.
In the morning, after our breakfast in the hotel, the driver came and pick us up around 9am. before heading to the safari, we stopped by a convenient store to get bottles of water to re-hydrate ourselves later.

First stops.
The Bali Safari & Marine Park

There are quite a few packages to choose from, but we could only choose the most basic one cause that's the only package left when we bought our ticket at the counter. The ticketing counter only accept US dollar if you are wondering. The basic package includes safari journey, fresh water aquarium, animal educational show and elephant educational show, no fun zone, no water park. 

The ticket per person was around RM125 (USD39). it it worth it? well, no. 
not really happy about the whole safari experience because I've seen most of the animals in Lokawi Zoo. ans I still think the Ocean Park in Hong Kong is way better, no offence, cause i get to see swimming penguins and pandas eating bamboo. 
Lobby Barong

Le brother and romantic the birds from Faber Caster. Haha

The baby elephants is so cute right?

A zebra's butt photo-boomed in a picture of zebra, what?

and mother giraffe with baby giraffe, how cute?
After a few hours inside the zoo, we then head to some random Warung for their local Nasi Campur. The food was really spicy, everything is spicy there, even their soup. OMG!

and then, we headed to Luwak Village in Ubud to see how the world most expensive coffee is made. 
The entrance fee is free and we got complimentary of different kind of tea, coffee and friend banana, but not luwak coffee. 

ginger coffee, chocolate, bali coffee, ginseng coffee, lemon tea, ginger tea and lemon grass tea.
fried banana with brown sugar, this one is good!
the main purpose of our visit is to try the world most expensive coffee, kopi luwak (civet coffee, cat or fox poop coffee). I thought the luwak coffee testing was complimetary too, but it was not, they charged us RM50 a cup just for trying. say what?! of course we tried.

luwak coffee in the making...
the traditional coffee maker, hahaha. to be honest, the coffee really taste great, and the lady who serves us told me that it was good for health too, and it was caffeine free. I think this is why it is expensive. 

Anyway, we didn't buy any luwak coffee cause my mom doesn't like black coffee. *sad face* but we bought lemon grass tea cause it tastes amazing!

so after luwak coffee visit, we took quite a long ride back. Our next destination was Tanah Lot Temple, one of the attraction in Bali, especially for sunset. 

On top of the hill of Tanah Lot with the family

Saw the little hut on the huge stone? Here's a picture of me there.
teehee! with I love Bali logo singlet