Day 02: Seminyak - Legian - Beachwalk

On Day 02 (02.02.14),
after having our breakfast in the hotel. 
my family and I decided to walk to Beachwalk through Legian from Seminyak. 
The street in Bali is very different from Malaysia, it has only one way road for vehicles. 
Along the way, there's boutique, saloon, spa, art crafts, cafe and convenient shops.

Apple store in Bali. How cute?

Look at this! They sell petrol in bottles

After 40 mins of walking and window shopping, finally we reached the entrance of Legian Beach. 
The route from Horison Seminyak to Legian Bech
The entrance to paradise, Legian Beach

Mom and bro with motocyclists

Walahh, The Legian Beach!

More pictures

The other view of the entrance of Legian Beach

Legian Beach
We spent less than 5 mins at the beach because we could not resist the heat there. The sands are so hot that it could cook an egg there. In hurry,we marched towards our last destination, Beachwalk Mall. We could actually walk along the beach if the weather is cloudy or just right. since it's not, we are forced to pass thru all the hotels. 

and after 15 mins of walking, we had reach our destination. 

The route from Legian Beach to Beachwalk

and Hello, beachwalk!!
Once we reached, we went to their food court for lunch. they have variety of food choices, but the food was just okay to me. after that, we went shopping in the mall. 

Found this awesome slipper vending machine in the mall. 
 and did you notice I've changed my slipper? I bought a new one for around RM69 a pair because the flipper I'm wearing scratched the skin of the feet. and yes, I bought the slipper before passing a slipper vending machine.  

The view from the mall

and selfie!
 After one day of walking, we hired a cab back to our hotel. 

and mark the end of my Day 02 Bali trip.