Joyce is married!

Joyce and I got home pretty late after the bachelorette party. It was 4am when both of us finally got onto my bed, and we gotta wake up at 8am to church for Harry and Joyce's official wedding day. 

It was so hard to get out of bed. surprisingly, Joyce and I got ready within 1 hour and off we go to church. 

Took some picture with Joyce's TR35 white otw to church

see how nice my skin is.. 

Joyce the sleeping bride.

Drop Joyce off at the church and I had to pick up my relatives that came from Sandakan. 

A few hours later, received an image from Joyce. 

and yes, my BFF since primary school has happily married to her prince charming! 

Joyce Bachelorette Party

Joyce's Bachelorette Party happened last Saturday night. 

To make her stand out among us, we all planned to wear black that night. 
We are all socially awkward at the beginning of the party because most of use don't know each others personally. 
but thanks to alcohol, everyone started to bond together and it seems like we all had known each other for a decade. 

I was happy that night, thank God I'm not drunk. 

My Morning Korean Skincare Routine

After nearly 2 years suffering from acne/congested pores, my skin has gradually getting better since I’ve changed to Korean skincare products and changed my simple cleanse-tone-moisturize to skincare layering.
I used to only use the basic skincare regime while I was suffering from congested pores. Since my skin is doing no good, I got Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion and Laneige Sensitive Power Essential Skin Refiner as toner. The 3 products I’ve been using are very mild, gentle, most suitable for skin like me. To be honest, they works amazing. My skin got better and better.

Till one day I went to Sephora in Sunway Pyramid with my mom to look for liquid foundation, I gain more knowledge on skincare. I was complaining to the beauty advisor that how the foundation doesn’t stick to my skin and how flaky my dry skin is. Coincidentally, she was suffering the same thing like me, and she was fully recovered!

She told me over the years, she had tried plenty of method and regime to cure her face, so I took her advice on how to take care of my skin. From makeup to skincare to cleansing method. Although I did not buy everything from her, cause she understand that I’m still a student and suggest me to start from drugstore skincare.

Now, let me start my morning Korean skincare routine for acne/congested pore/sensitive skin, shall we?

(1)   Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser  (Sensitive skin)
It is a very gentle, soap-free cleanser that has the formulation of fragrance-free and colouring-free with pH6.5 which is mild enough for my skin. It is also non-comedogenic which does not clog pores and leaving me supple, soft skin. (MYR42.30/473ml)

(2)   Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener (Pores concern)
Act as a toner which further deep cleanse my pores and also help maintain 4.5±1 pH level which control sebum production during the day. It minimizes appearance of pores and keep the elasticity of pores. Other than that, it helps refine the skin tone and moisturize inside and outside of the skin. (MYR99.90/500ml) 

(3)   Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Serum (Dark eye circle)
It is a concentrated water-based serum rich in omega-3 fatty acid, haloxyl, arbutin and vitamins to improve blood circulation and whiten skin for excellent radiant eyes. (MYR95.00/30ml) 

(4)   Skinfood Watery Berry Serum (Dry skin)
A dewy hydrate serum with vegetable oil complex capsules [grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil & camellia oil] that deeply moisturize and hydrate skin by promoting soft, glowing skin. (MYR88.80/70ml)

(5)   Skinfood Watery Berry Eye Cream (Fine lines)
A wrinkle-smoothing, gel-type eye cream that keeps delicate skin around the eyes soft and glowing with various berry extracts hyaluronic acids and adenosine. (MYR88.80/30g)

(6)   Etude House Moistfull Flower Cream (Dull)
Moistfull Flower Cream supplies hydration and retention layer to promote a naturally smooth, radiant complexion. (MYR109.90/50ml) 

(7)   Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Jelly Water Based Whitening SPF30 PA+++ 
It is enhanced with Water-retaining System to lock in moisture while hydrating skin at the same time with its cool watery texture. The jelly is non-sticky and non-greasy while it spreads easily on skin, leaving it soft and light so skin feels refreshed and relaxed. (MYR32.90/90ml) 

okay, so here's my tips. Find cleanser that is mild and toner that focus on pores, and others like serum, cream, eye cream, etc ... based on your skin type or what you concern. 


My Clogged/Congested Pores Journey

I used to have acne-free, baby-soft skin with zero pores during my teenage time. Some pimples might pop out one or two during my menstrual period, and that’s normal. During those time, I was using full range of SkinFood skincare. Up until I got in to college, I started to use BB cream every day and have no knowledge on makeups and have no idea that I need to use makeup remover. Because of the lack of knowledge hence my skin got worse. Ever since, my pores are clogged, and got very sensitive. Not sure if this considered as acne-prone, but I’ve research on the internet, some say clogged pores are type of acne too.

And then I’ve been suffering from clogged pores for almost 2 years.

Today, I am very happy that I am 90% recovered from congested pores and the remaining 10% is the scar, enlarged pores lefts to reach my goal, to have the skin I used to have during my teenage time. Now, I can conclude that my skin type is dry (small flakes), sensitive (thin epidermal, redness and warm), having enlarged pores and sometimes, will look dull during midday.

For the last two years, I have been researching, trying on different products, visiting dermatologist and taking collagen. Some works, some make it worst, and it is a very hectic journey. My confidence drops, I refuse to go outdoor and meeting friends because I am too concern about how I look.

And now, my goal is to achieve the skin I used to have and feel great & confident to go outdoor and meet people. 

Sunset Bar, Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu

Sunset Bar, Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, Kota Kinabalu

Date taken: 9 March 2014
Camera Model: Samsung Galaxy SIII

New Balance Couple Shoe

Date taken: 27 July 2014
Camera Model: Lumix DMC-GF3
F-stop: f/4.4
Exposure time: 1/50 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-800
Focal length: 22mm

Day 03: Bali Safari - Ubud Luwak Coffee - Tanah Lot

before we took our flights to Bali, I searched for Bali local tour online, and found Bali Day Tour website. The website provides a number of day tours, ranging from half day tours to adventure tours.
It is a private tour for couple, a family or business trip for maximum 10 person. All you need to do is to select a tour you wanted from the website, make a booking from them, and they will send a car with english-spoken driver to pick you up from you hotel and bring you around. 
we chose the Bali Safari & Marine Park and Tanah Lot full day tour on the third day of our Bali trip. The itinerary provided from the website is Bali Safari & Marine Park, Taman Ayun, Kedaton Village and Tanah Lot. but we change our destination a little bit because we have no interest to go Kedaton Village (a village full of monkeys and fruits as told by the driver). 
so here's our route instead
From our hotel, to Bali Safari & Marine Park, to Luwak Ubud Villas for coffee and lastly, Tanah Lot to see sunset.
In the morning, after our breakfast in the hotel, the driver came and pick us up around 9am. before heading to the safari, we stopped by a convenient store to get bottles of water to re-hydrate ourselves later.

First stops.
The Bali Safari & Marine Park

There are quite a few packages to choose from, but we could only choose the most basic one cause that's the only package left when we bought our ticket at the counter. The ticketing counter only accept US dollar if you are wondering. The basic package includes safari journey, fresh water aquarium, animal educational show and elephant educational show, no fun zone, no water park. 

The ticket per person was around RM125 (USD39). it it worth it? well, no. 
not really happy about the whole safari experience because I've seen most of the animals in Lokawi Zoo. ans I still think the Ocean Park in Hong Kong is way better, no offence, cause i get to see swimming penguins and pandas eating bamboo. 
Lobby Barong

Le brother and romantic the birds from Faber Caster. Haha

The baby elephants is so cute right?

A zebra's butt photo-boomed in a picture of zebra, what?

and mother giraffe with baby giraffe, how cute?
After a few hours inside the zoo, we then head to some random Warung for their local Nasi Campur. The food was really spicy, everything is spicy there, even their soup. OMG!

and then, we headed to Luwak Village in Ubud to see how the world most expensive coffee is made. 
The entrance fee is free and we got complimentary of different kind of tea, coffee and friend banana, but not luwak coffee. 

ginger coffee, chocolate, bali coffee, ginseng coffee, lemon tea, ginger tea and lemon grass tea.
fried banana with brown sugar, this one is good!
the main purpose of our visit is to try the world most expensive coffee, kopi luwak (civet coffee, cat or fox poop coffee). I thought the luwak coffee testing was complimetary too, but it was not, they charged us RM50 a cup just for trying. say what?! of course we tried.

luwak coffee in the making...
the traditional coffee maker, hahaha. to be honest, the coffee really taste great, and the lady who serves us told me that it was good for health too, and it was caffeine free. I think this is why it is expensive. 

Anyway, we didn't buy any luwak coffee cause my mom doesn't like black coffee. *sad face* but we bought lemon grass tea cause it tastes amazing!

so after luwak coffee visit, we took quite a long ride back. Our next destination was Tanah Lot Temple, one of the attraction in Bali, especially for sunset. 

On top of the hill of Tanah Lot with the family

Saw the little hut on the huge stone? Here's a picture of me there.
teehee! with I love Bali logo singlet

20 Facts About Me

20 Facts About Me:

  1. I've got wanderlust in my vein
  2. Introvert
  4. Coco is my 15th birthday gift from mom
  5. I will go blind without specs or contacts
  6. I don't fancy chocolate and sweets 
  7. I enjoy reading stories
  8. a tree hugger, and very very into the nature. 
  9. Weird addiction; enjoy the feeling of scratching tee shirt with my nails
  10. brief period of enthusiasm 
  11. born in the land below the wind
  12. My surname is Long龍.
  13. Hello Kitty is my guilty pleasure.
  14. dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower
  15. 90s baby born in the year of rooster
  16. fivefeettwo
  17. I roll my blanket when I sleep, I woke up like a cocoon every morning.
  18. Landscape photography is something I wanna master
  19. I know electric organ, drum & ballet
  20. People usually don't know how to pronounce 'Cynnie', it's the Cyn from 'Cyn-thia'.

Pura Tanah Lot

NicoleCynnie Photography

Date taken: 03 February 2014
Camera Model: Lumix DMC-GF3
F-stop: f/6.3
Exposure time: 1/400 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-160
Focal length: 14mm

Fly me to Krabi with DiGi & Malindo Air!

I was having a dilemma of visiting Krabi and Bali during my CNY trip this year, 
and as you already know, I chose to visit Bali

Krabi is one of the ideal destination I wanted to visit after watching 'SHINee's One Fine Day' where Onew explores Krabi alone with PINee, where he name his pineapple bag after SHINee. Gah, so cute!

Onew and PINee
In the show, I got attracted by the sandy white beach, the clear sea, the shady seats under the trees and the breathtaking scenery. I can't wait to see the real one with my own eyes, feeling the sand with my own feet and having freshening coconut juice while enjoying the sunset. 

and also taking nice scenery pictures in world famous Ao Nang Beach. 

Digi , Malindo Air and the official hotel sponsor, Mercure Krabi Deevana, hotel partner of Asia Web Direct is having the 'SPOT & FLY With DiGi – Malindo Online Contest' 

Only three bloggers could get the chance to win a pair of return tickets on maiden flights by Malindo.
*finger crossed that I'm one of them*

Malindo Air is now offering promo fare flying from Subang Airport (SZB) to Krabi (KBV) as low as RM184 inclusive of 20KG baggage allowance and refreshment on board. Unlike other budget airline, Malindo Air has lots of good review on extra legroom and in-flight entertainment. 

if you're an internet addict like me, Digi roaming is now offering unlimited internet for RM32 per day in Thailand. For only RM32 a day, you could update all the pictures and video taken during your trip on all your social media. 

 and Mercure Krabi Deevana, hotel partner of Asia Web Direct is having room rate starting from RM125 per night. 

Day 02: Seminyak - Legian - Beachwalk

On Day 02 (02.02.14),
after having our breakfast in the hotel. 
my family and I decided to walk to Beachwalk through Legian from Seminyak. 
The street in Bali is very different from Malaysia, it has only one way road for vehicles. 
Along the way, there's boutique, saloon, spa, art crafts, cafe and convenient shops.

Apple store in Bali. How cute?

Look at this! They sell petrol in bottles

After 40 mins of walking and window shopping, finally we reached the entrance of Legian Beach. 
The route from Horison Seminyak to Legian Bech
The entrance to paradise, Legian Beach

Mom and bro with motocyclists

Walahh, The Legian Beach!

More pictures

The other view of the entrance of Legian Beach

Legian Beach
We spent less than 5 mins at the beach because we could not resist the heat there. The sands are so hot that it could cook an egg there. In hurry,we marched towards our last destination, Beachwalk Mall. We could actually walk along the beach if the weather is cloudy or just right. since it's not, we are forced to pass thru all the hotels. 

and after 15 mins of walking, we had reach our destination. 

The route from Legian Beach to Beachwalk

and Hello, beachwalk!!
Once we reached, we went to their food court for lunch. they have variety of food choices, but the food was just okay to me. after that, we went shopping in the mall. 

Found this awesome slipper vending machine in the mall. 
 and did you notice I've changed my slipper? I bought a new one for around RM69 a pair because the flipper I'm wearing scratched the skin of the feet. and yes, I bought the slipper before passing a slipper vending machine.  

The view from the mall

and selfie!
 After one day of walking, we hired a cab back to our hotel. 

and mark the end of my Day 02 Bali trip.