[Movie Review] Lucy

I'm a fan of science fiction movie and this movie hits the boom!

Most of my friends doesn't like the movie, saying that Lucy is more like a Discovery channel movie and it's so boring. Guess, people like me who loves to watch the Discovery channel would love it. 

My brother was planning to watch the movie with my family and I on the released day (21st August in Malaysia), but it got full house. so he bought the Friday's show. 

Here's the movie trailer if you haven't watch it yet.

The movie is around 2 hours long and 85% of the movie is actions. 

This movie is basically about actions, science,and human's brain. (No romance at all!) Normal human being uses six to ten percent of our brain capacity. Lucy, the star of the movie, had drug flows in her body which increase the uses of her brain capacity. 

Not going into the details, not going to spoil the movie. 

If you watched the movie. 
when a person hits hundred percent of the usage of one's human brain, that person got disappeared into thin air. 

At the end of the movie, the policeman asked the professor where has Lucy been after her brain reaches hundred percent. The professor didn't answer him and then, he got a text from Lucy saying "I'm everywhere".


At that moment, I was like, huh? what? What kind of ending is that? She just disappears and turn into a thin air floating around the earth?? 

My mom looked at me and said. 


God knows everything, God has the answer to everything. and God is everywhere. 

and then I go... WOW! That really make sense. 

Thumbs up for a movie like this.