Feeling not appreciated

Just noticed one thing about boyfriend is that he never tried to blend in to my world, never got interested into my world. Okay, I don't know it it just me, or my boyfriend really don't.

I don't know if he noticed but he really shut me out when I told him about me and my life. Why do I say so?

When I was telling him about my stuff, he then will say, you know my work bla bla bla. It seems like he doesn't really notice when I am sad and happy.
I think my boyfriend is a little bit selfish.

He knows what he wants from me, but does he really think what I want from him? I have always do my best to be the better version of me, I don't know if he sees it or feel it, but somehow I feel like that is something I suppose to have or do.

Okay, maybe periods are coming soon, and my hormones is triggering my mood and feelings now.

Sigh. I need some love, a hug will do actually.