Goodbye, for the first time

Dear Chun,

I'm writing this to you in the airplane. I read your message in my iPad's notes. You made me teared up in the plane. Two empty seats are right beside me now, how I wish you were here. Thank you honey for asking me to stay over at your place, I know you are worried about me staying alone at home. Such a caring boyfriend I have there, but I know the other reason was spending more time together. Yes, I do complain about dumping me at home, because I was bored. I don't mind you were busy, I understand. I feel loved to stay home, waiting for you to come home. It feels like I'm already married to you. Something missing was our child so I will feel less bored at home. Your family treating me well, accept me for who I am. I hope I did my best as your girlfriend. I'm happy to be your first customer, I hope my case could close as soon as possible. And I hope I am healthy enough for not getting reject from your company. I'm so grateful, so grateful right now. I'm grateful that I met you in my life, be part of your life and spend the rest of my life together. I'm grateful that I met such a loving family, thanks to your dad I feel the love of having a dad, thanks to your bro, I feel like a little sister. Thanks to your mom for the unconditional love towards my sickness, my hunger and everything else. Thanks to your younger brother, for always talking to me when I'm going out with your family but without you. Thank you for the trip to Genting during first day of 2014. Thank you for spending the last day of 2013 with me and my brother. Thank you for giving me a second home away from my Sabah. Thank you honey, I love you very very much. Promise me one thing. If there is anything wrong with our relationship, fix it, not change it.