Last Week of November 2013 in Pictures

25th November 2013 (Monday)

- had lunch with the boyfriend in McD to get Hello Kitty

- found out purse got missing in the middle of the night

- called boyfriend, and found the purse was lost in McD

- it was late, boyfriend was forced to sleepover and got fever after :(

26th November 2013 (Tuesday)


- dinner and shisha session with Ru Huey and Erin

27th November 2013 (Wednesday)

- boyfriend came for presentation rehearsal and sleepover

28th November 2013 (Thursday)

- presentation day. regret. no picture taken with formal wear :(

29th November 2013 (Friday)


- last site visit with Iuthi, Ru Huey, Amina and Maureen in Cyberjaya