Our First Snowflakes

because of class timetable, boyfriend and I got to talk to each other for the first time. our first conversation started from exchanging our tutorial class, but failed. I made fun of him for having Friday morning class on our first convo, and now, I am still laughing at it. HAHAHAHA!

after class, boyfriend came for a visit and did our assignments at home. as a workaholic boyfriend, I was not surprised that my boyfriend did half of the assignment (even my part) in one afternoon. and on the other hand, me, still, slacking around watching youtube videos. but I did some typing for the assignment.

In the late afternoon, boyfriend said he is going to bring me for dessert, Snowflakes!! Haha, after so many times of asking and tweeting about snowflakes, boyfriend finally bring me to have dessert! I literally jump up and down in the living room.
I really really need to thank my boyfriend for accepting my manja-ness and being patience for my not serious actions when it comes to serious moment. I don't know how long could you stand for the character you don't like. I know our relationship was just started, and I know during this period, we accept everything cause we are in the crazily deeply insanely lovey dovey in love with each other. I hope when few months pass or even years, we still could get along and not raise voices to each other easily.