Finally, a ME day

sucky ass maxis home fibre was down since last week (after 3 papers of mid term test within a week). I got so bored that I even studied for my mid-term (1 subject left) two weeks before the test which only covers 3 chapters. to make my week sounds even more boring, that is just a mcq based test. yes, I wasted one weekend in my 2013 for not having a me day.

As for me day, I mean having a cup of my fave hot drink (honey green tea) while reading articles online, reading random blogs, reading books, having a chit chat with my friends with music blasting in my comfy room. wearing my pj, my nerdy glasses and a messy hair, shutting the world down just having a time of myself. you can say its so no life, but i enjoy my life like this, at least once a week.

since the wifi broke down, i finished up my monthly internet quota from watching youtube videos, instagram, facebook and twitter from my phone. I have nothing else to do. (other than assignments which requires internet) Boyfriend was so busy after the busy week, catching up with friends, training, business meeting and basketballs. I don't mind actually. okay, I do mind a little. Since both of us hang out less because both of us were busy preparing for the test, and he had works to do after the busy weeks. I mean I am not mad because of his absence.

... I just felt empty

I blame this to the wifi. If I have internet connection, I may have stuff to do, and not even bother what is he doing right now. He can has his own life, and I have mine. Like I said, having my me day. Rachelle was suppose to come over for me, but she had test going on. Ru Huey even invite herself to my place just be my companion for a day but I said there is nothing we can do at home. plan failed.

I am a very understanding lady, but sometimes, I need someone to fulfill my emptiness during those days. I kept my feelings until I couldn't stand it anymore that I exploded it all out to him one night. I really really really didn't want to confess to him actually, but there is part of me wanted to just let it go.

I'm no way going to be like those girls having princess syndrome who will yell and fight with the boyfriend and asking him to choose between friend, basketball, work and me. no girls. no. that is not a right way to do.

so. since i have talked to him about my feelings. I felt much more better now. and I got my internet connection back. yay!

and now. I'm having my me day here. Haha

congratz to me. x