Hello September


Just a blink of eye, September is already saying hello to everyone. Time passes so fast that I couldn't even catch up. I barely even remember what happened last few months.

So ..  there is this cute guy from my course had recently chatting with me day and night through whatsapp. I don't know how he feels towards me after all this caring and little things he did to me on today's outing, but six sense told me that it's something special going to happen. I hope I am right.

Before coming to this new place, called Setia Walk. He actually mentioned it to me and said gonna bring me here someday. With no long wait, our fellow course mate planned to have our dinner nearby Setia Walk. We went to Uncle Jang, a korean restaurant that serves very spicy korean bbq. I would rate it 5 over 5 if it's not that spicy.

After dinner, Ru Huey wanted to have drinking session. Since its happy hour, why not right? I have learnt a new game from him, it's actually quite fun. I like how he doesn't purposely let me win. I mean, some guys... they actually act stupid or what so ever to let their girl win in games. I find it irritating, that is not how a game works, it actually make the game sucks, honestly.  I am really glad that he treated me this way. Big thumbs up for that!

Looks like a family portrait, or high school reunion picture. Haha