Dream Catcher

Having the thought that both of us love traveling around the world is the best feeling I ever had. What more when he said he would like to have a world map sticking on a huge wall, and then on top of the world map, we stick photo of the places we go on each particular country. Coincident or fate that we have the same dream or interest? you say.

This idea of mine was inspired by a Taiwanese drama, <我可能不会爱你>. The main actor in this drama is so cute, haha. Well, so .. The main actor in this drama was actually an air steward. In his room, there was this huge piece of world map with photos of him sticking around the world. Firstly, it could be a piece of art in home, and secondly, it would be a big achievement when you find out the world map is full of photo. Isn't this great?

Having this dream with him made me so excited. and this has become my motivation to work hard in my study and my career in the future.

I don't know what would you think, but for me, I think two incomes in a family would be perfect. Some of my friends would prefer to stay home and look after the kids while the husband work their ass off for the family. No, I didn't mean to say that my husband could not afford to raise a family. What's on my mind is, two incomes in a family is more secure. I can be more realism but who doesn't wanna be rich, right?

Think about it, as a lady, are you going to pull down your face every time you want money from you husband? What would your husband think every time you pull out your hand? I can imagine my husband nagging me non-stop now, oh my, nightmare.

I love the feeling of accomplishment every time I get something I want from myself. The feeling of success is something you can't buy. I don't want to be looked down from my love one and made them feel like I am nothing but a money sucker. I want to be that woman behind who support and help to make his dream come true. I admit that I am not as good as him academically, but in general knowledge, I am not far from him. Somehow, I don't wanna be better than him, that's why I love guy who is smarter than me. Reason? Guy cares about his pride, and as a woman, you should give him that. At least, that's what I think.