Waking up at 3am is really not a joke. One cold chilly morning, when I got out from my room after a 4 hours sleep, and saw all other rooms of my friend's are still bright. One thought came across my head, why am I waking up at this hour?

Hiking or jungle trekking, I don't know what's the different, is one of my favorite sport. My very first jungle trek was in my primary year, that was when my uncle are still single. At a very young age, and as a girl, adults that jungle trek together was surprised that I always join every trekking my uncle went. I am a very adventurous girl I can say.

Meeting this cute guy I mentioned from the last post are actually interested in jungle trek too. I am so happy to found a mate to trek together. He planned to have a jungle trek today with me and a couple. This place is called Saga Hill, some called it Ah Pek Hill. It's located in Cheras.

We have never been there before, it was our first, we got there early in the morning, silly us wanted to watch the sunrise. 5 in the morning, we started our trekking. In the dark, using torch light, with him leading us courageously that made me feel secured. To be honest, knowing him less than two weeks, going out to an unfamiliar place, in the dark, and I still feel secure around him. Am I stupid or I trust too easily or just simply I like him and I feel safe with him?? Tell me.

After trekking and breakfast, went to his house and take a shower. I always have this weird feeling to shower in a new place. It's not in my comfort zone. Before I head in to the bathroom, he was standing at the door telling me which is the body shower gel and how do I use the heater. I told him that I am not going to wash my hair, because I really don't feel comfortable like that. He asked me to let him smell my hair to double check if it doesn't smell. I don't know what happened to my brain, and it send the nerve signal to my head to actually let him. Luckily, he didn't say it smell bad. Oh my, what was I thinking. LOL.

and before I continue with what happened after, I just thought about one small action he did  while I was waiting for the others to shower. I was sitting on the floor crossing my leg, and he was lying on the floor looking at me upwards. I feel embarrassed when someone look at me like this. so I pull out my hand to block his sight, he grabbed my hand and I was surprised. We actually did skinship now. Nervousness strikes!
Picture taken secretly from him. and hello to my fatty thigh.

Back to where we left, after shower, I felt refreshed and sleepy at the same time. He asked me if I wanna go to his room to nap. Bed, comfortable, sleep, why not? I followed him to his room and directly jump into his warm comfy bed. Being in the closed space with just the two of us, I can feel my nerve wrecking. I was supposed to be tired, and wanted to nap, but with him, I couldn't fall asleep. Later, he climbed from the other side of the bed and rest next to me. Naturally, I looked at him. Stare at him very closely, and really looked into this guy that made my heart beats fast. Tried to close my eyes and not thinking much, but no I can't. Open my eyes again saw him staring at me, made me stunt. To break this lovey dovey situation that I can't take in anymore, I told him that I couldn't sleep with him here. He left the bed to his chair for me.

No longer, the couple came to the room, and I felt comfortable again. After awhile of fun, and I don't know how, I fell asleep with Michelle sleeping next to me. I got up a few time in the whole afternoon because of the noise the boys made while playing games. Michelle sleeps like an angel, and I feel comfortable with that. Unlike my friends, they sleep so noisily. Ugh..

Everyone got up after few hours of games and naps, it was time for board games. I am not very good with games, and it was my first time playing that game. I don't know what it called, so let us just call The Shooting board game. Haha. During the game, he as a sporty manly guy, who actually have his other side. A boy suddenly appeared in front of me. Seeing how kiddo he can be which makes him so cute. Thumbs up!

After a few games, things started to get bored. The couple suggest to go out, but he doesn't want to, and if I go, it would be weird to stick around with couple, so I decided to stay with him. Being in my comfort zone, with him, I just wanna stay in that room forever. Our skinship got more and started cuddling in bed. A kiss from him in the cheek really did surprise me. During that period, I got a confession from him, wanted me to become his girlfriend. Things came too fast that I couldn't think of an great answer. I didn't want to reject, but just to know more about him before really putting my foot down and continue our journey together.

The time we knew each other was too short, and I didn't expect a confession from him so soon. Yes, I did had a great time talking and being with him, but I doubt him. I don't want to make decision so soon, is that, maybe he could get all his feelings wrong. He maybe confused about our relationship, but I did not lead him into this. Questions pop out in my head. Why oh what just happened? I am happy but doubtful at the same time. I told myself. Just let times do the talking, if he is the one, I could feel it. If he is sincere about it, there is nothing to wait.