QS Society Prom Night 2013


Christmas Deco in Pavillion

The second day Boyfriend sleepover at my place after Finals. He wore my bro's tshirt and his own pants. I brought no clothes, but left some clothes here last time. I'm sorry Aunty Chun, I kidnapped your son for so long.

Since we couldn't get any prom dress last night, I asked boyfriend if he could bring me to KL to look for it. He agreed so we headed down to KL right after our job in campus.

and this is us stuck in traffic jam.




Yeah, me looking like a hobo and boyfriend said I still look good without makeup and contact lens.







All the picture of me are taken by Boyfriend. He likes photography so yea.

Finally, got my prom dress, a pump heels, boyfriend's prom blouse and a singlet.

Boyfriend got a little pissed off today cause I spend most of the time looking for shoe, tried lots of shoe but I was not satisfied.

Bf: " Next time if you wanna shop for shoe, don't ask me anymore. "

Me: " What about clothes? "

Bf: " Clothes okay, but shoe you took a long time"

But honestly, your leg support you, so a comfy shoe is very important. I found a lot of nice looking shoe, but it's hard to find a pretty and comfortable heels. At the end of the day, I got a pumps. So thank you boyfriend, for being patient all this time.

Third Monthsary

Forced boyfriend to sleepover at my place last night cause we had prom night backdrop to do today. Pity us that we could not rest right after our finals.


today was our 3rd monthsary. Boyfriend had planned to bring me for dinner and night view secretly, who knows the QS Society asked me to work for prom night. our celebration pretty much got cancelled.

Since we could not have fancy dinner and spend a romantic night. Boyfriend brought me to Paradigm Mall to look for my prom dress.
Picture taken before we headed out. was tiptoe-ing to smell my boyfriend and so he snap a picture of us like this.
ImageLooking for shoe. so this is how my back looks like.
My boyfriend photography skill. Nice?
Us while taking the escalator down. Blurry yet lovely.
Tried this Chinese looking gown, so pretty but doesn't match the prom theme.
To sum up everything, our night was just pretty much shopping, looking for prom dress. Went 2 shopping malls, Paridigm Mall and 1Utama Shopping Mall but ended up bought nothing.

Last Week of November 2013 in Pictures

25th November 2013 (Monday)

- had lunch with the boyfriend in McD to get Hello Kitty

- found out purse got missing in the middle of the night

- called boyfriend, and found the purse was lost in McD

- it was late, boyfriend was forced to sleepover and got fever after :(

26th November 2013 (Tuesday)


- dinner and shisha session with Ru Huey and Erin

27th November 2013 (Wednesday)

- boyfriend came for presentation rehearsal and sleepover

28th November 2013 (Thursday)

- presentation day. regret. no picture taken with formal wear :(

29th November 2013 (Friday)


- last site visit with Iuthi, Ru Huey, Amina and Maureen in Cyberjaya

Forth Week of November 2013 in Pictures

17th November 2013 (Sunday)

Picture taken: 17th Nov 2013
- officially had dinner with boyfriend's family for the first time
- after dinner, triple board games date with boyfriend's bff
- second sleepover in boyfriend's place
18th November 2013 (Monday)
Picture taken: 18th Nov 2013
- accompanied boyfriend to congratulate his colleague in getting a sport car
- skipped class because of menstrual pain
19th November 2013 (Tuesday)
Picture taken: 19th Nov 2013
- second monthsary <3
- lunch date with Hock in Sunway Pyramid
- boyfriend met Hock in person
- third sleepover in boyfriend's place, rushing for assignment
20th November 2013 (Wednesday)
- stay up in campus until 9pm rushing for assignment
- boyfriend sleepover at my place
21st November 2013 (Thursday)
- stay up in campus rushing for assignment until 6pm
- boyfriend left earlier (around 4pm) to training
22nd November 2013 (Friday)
IMG-20131129-WA0009 IMG-20131129-WA0012
- boyfriend came in the morning along with group mates for assignment
- afternoon, went to site visit with Iuthi, Amina and Maureen


picture taken in Starbucks Sungei Wang.
there was no any intention to date in the city but because boyfriend had to work for a fashion show in Sungei Wang and I had a private Talika event to attend in Pavilion, this marks our first time hanging around in KL city. Well, our first time here was not romantic as any other couple do, but both of us were actually having a productive day.

shopping? no. movie? no. just a tiny Starbucks date while waiting for Samuel and Michelle to arrive for our assignment. it was pretty much not romantic tho. haha. okay, fine. I must let my boyfriend to return me a real date in the city soon.

well.. so after all our tasks, got home and brought my bro out for dinner. it was their first time meeting each other. they get along quite well, I can say. basketballs really get both of them together. ahh.. my two fave men, how cute. hahaha, and I still remembered how boyfriend winked at me while talking to my bro, that face, that expression, cuteness overload! (^-^)

Our First Snowflakes

because of class timetable, boyfriend and I got to talk to each other for the first time. our first conversation started from exchanging our tutorial class, but failed. I made fun of him for having Friday morning class on our first convo, and now, I am still laughing at it. HAHAHAHA!

after class, boyfriend came for a visit and did our assignments at home. as a workaholic boyfriend, I was not surprised that my boyfriend did half of the assignment (even my part) in one afternoon. and on the other hand, me, still, slacking around watching youtube videos. but I did some typing for the assignment.

In the late afternoon, boyfriend said he is going to bring me for dessert, Snowflakes!! Haha, after so many times of asking and tweeting about snowflakes, boyfriend finally bring me to have dessert! I literally jump up and down in the living room.
I really really need to thank my boyfriend for accepting my manja-ness and being patience for my not serious actions when it comes to serious moment. I don't know how long could you stand for the character you don't like. I know our relationship was just started, and I know during this period, we accept everything cause we are in the crazily deeply insanely lovey dovey in love with each other. I hope when few months pass or even years, we still could get along and not raise voices to each other easily.

Finally, a ME day

sucky ass maxis home fibre was down since last week (after 3 papers of mid term test within a week). I got so bored that I even studied for my mid-term (1 subject left) two weeks before the test which only covers 3 chapters. to make my week sounds even more boring, that is just a mcq based test. yes, I wasted one weekend in my 2013 for not having a me day.

As for me day, I mean having a cup of my fave hot drink (honey green tea) while reading articles online, reading random blogs, reading books, having a chit chat with my friends with music blasting in my comfy room. wearing my pj, my nerdy glasses and a messy hair, shutting the world down just having a time of myself. you can say its so no life, but i enjoy my life like this, at least once a week.

since the wifi broke down, i finished up my monthly internet quota from watching youtube videos, instagram, facebook and twitter from my phone. I have nothing else to do. (other than assignments which requires internet) Boyfriend was so busy after the busy week, catching up with friends, training, business meeting and basketballs. I don't mind actually. okay, I do mind a little. Since both of us hang out less because both of us were busy preparing for the test, and he had works to do after the busy weeks. I mean I am not mad because of his absence.

... I just felt empty

I blame this to the wifi. If I have internet connection, I may have stuff to do, and not even bother what is he doing right now. He can has his own life, and I have mine. Like I said, having my me day. Rachelle was suppose to come over for me, but she had test going on. Ru Huey even invite herself to my place just be my companion for a day but I said there is nothing we can do at home. plan failed.

I am a very understanding lady, but sometimes, I need someone to fulfill my emptiness during those days. I kept my feelings until I couldn't stand it anymore that I exploded it all out to him one night. I really really really didn't want to confess to him actually, but there is part of me wanted to just let it go.

I'm no way going to be like those girls having princess syndrome who will yell and fight with the boyfriend and asking him to choose between friend, basketball, work and me. no girls. no. that is not a right way to do.

so. since i have talked to him about my feelings. I felt much more better now. and I got my internet connection back. yay!

and now. I'm having my me day here. Haha

congratz to me. x

Poolside Party

Getting to know about his life is actually a fun thing to do. I got to explore a new life, a man who grew up in different state, a man who actually stole my heart away.

Boyfriend's company was having a poolside party last night. It was a late Mid-Autumn festival celebration.

I was actually quite happy, excited and shy to meet his friends and get to officially introduce me to his friends as his girlfriend.
It was our first outing as a couple and both of us really had fun and got wet in the party.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Continue from Hong Kong Trip Part 1

When everyone was celebrating vday with their loved one, I was celebrating my vday with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland.

Here's my Hong Kong Part II post, starring Mickey Mouse.






Disneyland is really a magical place. When you are in the magical land, you forget all your sorrow. I was actually happy that I get to visit one of the four Disneyland throughout the world. Now, I have three more to go.
If you are going to visit Hong Kong Disneyland someday in the future, please please please wait for the musical fireworks at 9pm. It was the highlight of the whole journey. Other than that, the Mickey's Philharmagic is worth spending your time there too.

Dream Catcher

Having the thought that both of us love traveling around the world is the best feeling I ever had. What more when he said he would like to have a world map sticking on a huge wall, and then on top of the world map, we stick photo of the places we go on each particular country. Coincident or fate that we have the same dream or interest? you say.

This idea of mine was inspired by a Taiwanese drama, <我可能不会爱你>. The main actor in this drama is so cute, haha. Well, so .. The main actor in this drama was actually an air steward. In his room, there was this huge piece of world map with photos of him sticking around the world. Firstly, it could be a piece of art in home, and secondly, it would be a big achievement when you find out the world map is full of photo. Isn't this great?

Having this dream with him made me so excited. and this has become my motivation to work hard in my study and my career in the future.

I don't know what would you think, but for me, I think two incomes in a family would be perfect. Some of my friends would prefer to stay home and look after the kids while the husband work their ass off for the family. No, I didn't mean to say that my husband could not afford to raise a family. What's on my mind is, two incomes in a family is more secure. I can be more realism but who doesn't wanna be rich, right?

Think about it, as a lady, are you going to pull down your face every time you want money from you husband? What would your husband think every time you pull out your hand? I can imagine my husband nagging me non-stop now, oh my, nightmare.

I love the feeling of accomplishment every time I get something I want from myself. The feeling of success is something you can't buy. I don't want to be looked down from my love one and made them feel like I am nothing but a money sucker. I want to be that woman behind who support and help to make his dream come true. I admit that I am not as good as him academically, but in general knowledge, I am not far from him. Somehow, I don't wanna be better than him, that's why I love guy who is smarter than me. Reason? Guy cares about his pride, and as a woman, you should give him that. At least, that's what I think.

Hong Kong - My Childhood

In early February, my family and I went to visit our relatives in Hong Kong. It was a 6 days 5 nights trip, and it was during the Chinese new year. On Tuesday (12th Feb), we took airasia flight to Hong Kong. I am actually kinda regret taking airsia for a 4 hours flight, as you know their gap between your knee and the seat in front of you is so small, I felt suffocated in there. Some more, there were no entertainment in-flight, I was bored to death. I should have take the hot seat, at least, more comfortable. Sigh.. lesson learnt!

When we reached in Hong Kong International Airport, auntie and cousin were already there waiting for us. Once we touched down, we direct head to a cafe and had our late lunch. First meal was not bad. I ordered a set lunch which came in carbonara spaghetti, mushroom soup and a drink. After eating, we took bus to Citygate Outlet Mall in Tung Chung, to buy our winter clothing there, which is cheaper than anywhere else for a branded clothing. It was one of the attractions in Hong Kong. I bought a Roxy polar bear jacket at 20% off. (if I am not mistaken)
Here's my little cousin playing with my Roxy polar bear jacket. Cute, huh?

After shopping, in the evening, granny called and said she can't wait to see us and asked us to be home on time for dinner. Whoo, and so, we took train to Kowloon Station and then took cab back home to Hung Hom.

My mom and dad have been living in Hong Kong for almost 10 years, they were staying with my relatives there. Back then, my dad and mom were working, and I was made in Hong Kong, hahahaha, but of course, in first of May 1993, my mom flew back to Malaysia to deliver me. After separation for 18 years, my family finally came back to visit them again. I was living in Hong Kong for few years before I started pre-school. I have no memory there, but I made a lot of memory for my family. In every corner of that house in Hong Kong, my mom told me what I did and what I broke. She still remembers every single detail of each moment. From that, I can know, my relatives had lived in that house for more than 20 years. Well, just that, they renovated and changed their furniture, of course. But being told of what I did when I was younger there, made me feel very sentimental. I have no memory, but I have a strong feeling about it. My mom cried when she was talking to my granny and grandpa, she made me teared up too.
My granny and grandpa made a lot of dishes for dinner, and it was so yummy. Mome said she missed her food. I have finally tasted real shark fin soup in Hong Kong, as back in Malaysia, I have only tasted fake shark fin made with flour. The real shark fin soup was so yummy, but of course, be careful with the bones. After dinner, we walked down to the streets nearby to chill. and along the way, mome said, I still remember me holding your hand walking along this street to take bus, and you were curious at everything. Of course, I wanted to know more about myself, so I was like, tell me more... tell me more... and those are the secrets.
We had street food that night, curry fish ball, siu mai, and the famous roasted duck and pork. yummy!! After walking a few streets, everyone got tired and we headed back to our home and get enough rest for the next day to come.